Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monthly Budget Breakdown ~ December 2013

In an effort to challenge my contentment meter and stay within a budget,
I have $50 per month to spend on Decor & DIY projects for around the house. 
On the first Tuesday of every month I'll show you how I spent it.

Here is the monthly break down for December...

Starting Balance = $9.32 (you can check out here to see what was spent in November.)
Income: December $50 + Starting Balance = $59.32 left to spend

It seems strange that I have been doing these monthly updates for over a year now. I will say that they have definitely kept me accountable and encouraged me to think creatively with the resources that I have. When I first started this blog I had so many things that I wanted to try in our home. Now slowly but surely all of those small changes are adding up to create a home that we can truly call our own. 

Maybe if decorating has felt overwhelming to you in the past,  you could look at this new year to be an opportunity to try little things that get you excited about your home. You don't have to paint a whole room, maybe it just means hanging one picture...whatever it is, go for it!

In December I made a few small purchases. I bought a Christmas sign that says "JOY" from Target for $14.99. I was thrilled to discover after the fact that I could use it all year round by making a slight adjustment

Afterall, who doesn't need a little more joy in their life?

I also purchased 3 packs of Christmas lights from Walmart for $2.99 each to re-light our 9 year old "pre-lit" Christmas tree gone bad. After hours of taking off the old lights and adding the new ones Sam commented that it was the best that tree had looked in years...I'd say that was worth it!

Rounding out the new Christmas decor purchases was this felt banner that I found at Target for $4.99. I thought it would be a fun addition to this corner of the house.

That about rounds out my purchases (and lack of DIY) for December. Just thinking back to the special memories made with family during that time was priceless and worth far more than gold! All of my siblings together again...sweet, sweet memories. 

Final Breakdown...
Beginning Balance $59.32 - ($28.95 December purchases) = $30.37

Did you tackle any fun projects in December or find any new Christmas decor that you couldn't pass up?

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