Friday, January 3, 2014

Organization In The Bathroom

You all blessed us so much with your kind words about the bathroom reveal. There was a lot of hard work that went into that project. Personally, I was nervous about picking out the finishes for the bathroom (having no previous experience doing that!) on top of trying to use every penny of our budget wisely and get a deal wherever I could. Sam carried out the demo and heavy lifting of the project as well as worked with my dad to install everything. And my dad was there every step of the way with his expertise in helping a couple of bathroom remodeling newbies who had little clue what a bathroom remodel involved.

Thankfully, we survived!

Today I am going to show you some of the organizational aspects of the new bathroom. They make me almost as excited as I get every time that I see those floors!

First up is the base cabinet.

organizing an ikea bathroom cabinet

Even though we lost having a small drawer that we used to have in the previous cabinet we were still able to store everything that I was hoping to in this new one. 

organizing the bathroom

The previous drawer used to hold some of the girl's hair supplies. Most of them are kept upstairs on the second level but it always comes in handy to have some detangler and a comb readily available (on the main floor) before heading out the door. For those few times (ok, almost every time!) that I forget to comb someone's hair until I happen to notice the messy hair right before we step out the door.

I grabbed a white basket that I had previously bought at Target to house these crucial hair supplies.

storing hair supplies in a basket

Most of the under storage is used for storing toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

cleaning supplies for the bathroom

I buy toilet paper in bulk from Sam's club which has a blue paper cover. However with this new set up I like the clean, white look of the white rolls especially with the frosted glass in front. So now I am taking the paper cover off before they get stored under the cabinet. It is a step that happens either way so I don't mind switching things up from how I previously did it. 
bathroom cleaning supplies

When it comes to cleaning supplies I used an old hand towel bar to store the rubber gloves. We also have been using all purpose windex since teaching the kids how to clean the bathroom. This limits the bottles under the counter (I can use the same bottle for cleaning the mirror too) and it is safe for the kids to use. I stopped using anything with bleach years ago.

toilet and sink spounge

The kids have always known our trick for deciphering the sponges (lets just say that they are color coded.) However to protect the cabinet from moisture, I shopped our house and found a serving tray that I don't use very often. Now it is labeled for everyone and can store the sponges with ample drying space when they aren't being used.

Clean hand towels are readily available in the cabinet as well.

clean towels

Last up for the under the cabinet storage is a place to store feminine products. Since this is the bathroom that our guests use I wanted it to be an easy find if someone was in need. I found this container at the dollar spot at Target.

thinking of your guests

When it comes to the difference between our previous medicine cabinet and current one the results are like night and day. With our big family we kind of look like a pharmacy, don't you think?

We could use all the space that we can get and our old one was definitely lacking space!

ikea medicine cabinet

We have the natural cough syrup for our "under aged" kids :-) and then the daytime and night cough syrups for our older kids. Let's just say that after many long try anything!

The first thing that we always do when one of our kids is sick is pray that God would heal them. It works wonders and you might be surprised how quickly those headaches go away without even opening the cabinet, but there are also those times that we pray and then take the medicine right after that because we don't believe sickness is something that should be allowed to linger or spread so we confront it by several different means right up front.

Last up on our stop is a little plunger organization. I searched high and low for a covered plunger that I could keep readily available in the bathroom. The best option I found was over $25 which was way above my price point for a plunger. 

But who wants to store a regular old plunger directly on the floor?

I shopped Target's kitchen section and found a few options to set a plunger on. I can't remember where I found the cute clear handled plunger from but it was under $10 (I'm probably the first one that has ever called a plunger, "cute".) I'm ok with being different. :-)

target bowls

For just a few dollars each I tried out a few different options before deciding which one to keep. They got a little gross before I returned them to the store though...JUST KIDDING! Of course the plunger I tested them with was brand new so I had no problem testing out a few of the options to show you. While none of these options cover the plunger completely it still made me feel better that it wasn't being put directly on the floor after being used. 

The first option was nice and colorful.

storing a bathroom plunger

The second option was actually my favorite. I love a little bling but this option was also breakable and kids do live here. Not to mention that in the end it actually didn't fit in the corner because it made the plunger stick out from the wall too much.

storing a plunger

I ended up keeping the black & white option. I'm not sure that it will completely work...if people don't shake the drips off of the top of the plunger before they return it to the bowl then the drips from the top won't actually go into the bowl...but for now I thought I would give it a try.

a bathroom plunger

There you have it...a little update on the organization in our updated bathroom.

How do you organize things in the bathroom? Do you have any tricks or tips to share?

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  1. Love your new bathroom! Not sure if my favorite part is the floor or that stepstool!

  2. It isn't necessarily cute (though you could paint it if you wanted to) but we use a clay pot "plate" to hold our plunger. (Can you tell I am not a gardener.....I mean the plate that sits under a terra cotta plant pot and has a slight lip. aren't that expensive new and you can probably find glazed ones (maybe even a garage sale item). For under cupboard storage, a cool whip container has always been just the right size.

    1. Keturah,

      Those are great ideas (and I know exactly what you are talking about!) ;-)


  3. Love your organization skills, girl! You're making me want to re organize our bathroom! I love those white containers, I have a couple of them organizing toys :)

  4. Wow - it looks amazing. So clean and organized and free of clutter. My bathroom cabinet is on my list - I'm inspired to get onto it now!

  5. This is my dream bathroom. What an organizing haven! Just love it. I'd love for you to share at our link party!

  6. Sarah, great organization under the sink. And in the cabinet. I am so jealous! The glove holder is an awesome idea :) Thank you so much for linking up with Get Your DIY On, I hope you'll join us for February's theme on Feb.2nd and link up projects that you love! See you there :)

    Mandy @ The Hankful House Blog

  7. I have the same exact ikea cabinet in my very dated bathroom!! We haven't renovated yet but its a nice compromise that gave us more floor space and we may keep it when/if future reno takes place....Question: where do you keep all the kids' toothbrushes? I keep switching between keeping my kids' (four) toothbrushes in cups under the sink and sometimes keeping them in the closet next to the sink. I love the slim lines of our ikea sink but I get so grossed out when toothbrushes inevitable fall into the huge sink basin; its great for washing & spitting toothpaste ;) but virtually no counter space wasn't something I thought about enough when I picked it out...still debating where I could add a wall shelf or small floor cabinet to have more space, or maybe just not let so many kids brush teeth at once?? :) Suggestions are welcomed please!! ~Traci

    1. Traci,

      So fun that you have the same cabinet! :-) Since this is our main level bathroom it is mainly used for guests and a LOT of kids hand washing. Our kids currently brush their teeth upstairs in a bathroom that hasn't been remodeled yet. You could check out this post to get an idea how we store the kids toothbrushes. The mason jars have been working out great for us and if it wasn't for remodeling in the future I would probably mount them on the wall like the inspiration picture.



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