Monday, February 24, 2014

4 Time Saving Tips...For Your Family

4 Time Saving Tips For Your Family

1) Find a family doctor & dentist that are close to home.

Finding a family doctor that fits well for your family's specific needs is so important. Location can also be really important. If you are searching for a long term family physician try looking at clinics that are near your home first. We studied the bios online of doctors at a few clinics in our area. We then tried out the various clinics and landed on a doctor and dentist that are only a mile away from our house. Not only is choosing a doctor that you feel comfortable with important but how far the clinic is from your house as well as how long the waits are at a clinic are also really important factors long term. With seven physicals a year, random visits to the doctor and multiple cleanings a year...we love that we are in and out and back home from visits in no time!

2) Create a Weekly Menu Board

Planning meals out ahead of time is a great way to save time & money. I do a weekly visual inventory of things we have on hand, plan out the week's menu and then create a list for the grocery store. (You could save even more time by planning out more than one week of meals at a time...I'm not quite there yet.) :-) The kids like seeing our menu board and knowing what is for dinner and I like not having to do an exploratory dig through the freezers & pantry more than once a week.

menu board

3) Invest in a yearly Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime is a sweet deal, especially for larger families. There is a yearly fee of $79 that gives you free two day shipping on a ton of items marked available with prime. We always look on amazon first when ordering birthday and Christmas presents. It cuts down on the time & stress of going from store to store as well as keeps us from buying "extra" things that we don't need. You always want to do a price comparison with other stores as not everything on Amazon is the cheapest option. However, it is a huge time saver!

4) Create Hand Me Down Tubs

Now that we have had this tub system for over a year I can honestly say that it is a HUGE time saver. (Obviously based on storage space available each family's system will look a little different.) I know right where to go when a child's pants start looking like capris (I think my three year old grew an inch overnight last week!) and since everything is already sorted by gender and sizes it makes finding things a breeze.

sorted clothes bins

Now tell me, what are your time saving tips? I think we would all LOVE to hear them!

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  1. Love these time saving tip is to have a weekly family meeting and plan out the week! It saves so much time!

    Happy day!

    1. Karianne,

      Having a weekly family meeting sounds like a great idea! :-)


  2. Make Freezer Food and try to prepare lunch items on Sundays (ie; boil eggs, chop veggies, portion out crackers, etc). Also: we try to put our clothes for the next day out the night before. Also: we make sure our 4 year old kiddo gets regular chores to be the champion of (putting away clean silverware, putting away own clothes, cleaning the floor, etc) while we work on adult chores.

  3. I too love Amazon and the prime is great because there a bunch of free videos there too! For Christmas Safeway was giving quadruple points for buying gift cards so we took the budgeted Christmas cash and bought Amazon gift cards and ended up saving nearly $50 on gas!

    My other tip is to take time the night before and prep myself for the next day. I set the coffee pot, check the calendar, find my shoes... then the next morning I'm not so frazzled trying to get everyone out the door. I also send them all out about five minutes early my oldest girl (11yo) buckles the 3 year old in and starts the car to get to warmed up while I turn off ALL the lights pour my to go coffee and generally breathe for half a minute before I drive the school bus, uh I mean the van!

    1. Jennifer,

      Sweet deal with Safeway! :-) And some great tips for making mornings go more smoothly...I totally agree.



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