Wednesday, February 5, 2014

6 Tips To Create An Inviting Bathroom

6 tips to creating an inviting bathroom for guests

Sometimes we just have to take a few minutes to stop and evaluate our bathroom and ask the question, is it "user friendly" for guests? A few simple touches can create a bathroom that is inviting for all. Below are six tips that will leave guests in your home with a calm assurance as they walk into your bathroom.

1) Store extra toilet paper rolls in your bathroom. 

store toilet paper in your bathroom

There is no telling when that roll is going to run out and anxiety quickly sets in if you have ever been without toilet paper in those situations. There are many solutions for this like utilizing under the cabinet storage space or by using special stand alone holders. 

I have grown to love these simple two roll holders that hang directly off of the toilet. They make it super easy for guests to grab a new roll if needed and I can just refill the holder using rolls from inside the cabinet the next time I notice it empty.

toilet paper holders that hook on the toilet

2) Have a plunger and toilet brush easily accessible.

Things happen and allowing people to have easy access to a plunger without having to come and ask for one can certainly calm any guest.

place a plunger in your bathroom

3) Keep matches in the bathroom to freshen the air if necessary.

Do you remember those aerosol bathroom fresheners? There was nothing discrete about them and you could hear somebody using them a few miles away. Matches are a great alternative to quickly break through odors. Be sure to store them out of reach of children such as in a medicine cabinet, etc. You could even create a little note to explain their use.

use matches to freshen a bathroom

4) Keep feminine products easily accessible and visible.

I like to keep a supply of feminine products tucked under the cabinet for guests. In this case they are hidden by the cabinet doors but visible when you open the doors so that guests can easily find what they are looking for. 

keep feminine products out for guests

5) Have a covered garbage can present.

Having a garbage can in the room can be very important. However, consider using one with a lid. It will keep your room looking clean and keep all of that garbage hidden.

use a covered garbage can in your bathroom

6) Label anything unusual in your bathroom.

Do you have to hold down your toilet handle for a long period of time to flush your toilet? Does your door knob lock in such a way that your guests often get locked inside? In our home our bathroom door doesn't latch unless you push the door closed. With five little tornadoes roaming the grounds that means that someone is bound to walk in on you unless you are aware of that.

I saw a friend with a little note above their door knob one day and knew that doing something similar in our bathroom was a must to help guests feel welcome and to keep them from having a scarring experience in the bathroom. :-)

label things in your bathroom

If you did a quick evaluation of your bathroom is it inviting for guests? Do you have any tips to add to this list?

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the tips ! Where did you get the double roll holder for the toilet ?

    Thanks !

    1. Millita,

      I've seen them at both Target & Walmart. I think I found this one at Target.


  2. What great ideas! I can't tell you how many times I have used someone elses bathroom with bizarre predicaments; but then again I think we've all been there more times than we'd like to remember! Eeek!

  3. Heather,

    So true. :-)


  4. Awesome tips! I like using paper towels (nice ones!) for hand drying. Nothing worse than a soggy, already-been-used hand towel...

  5. I have a basket of white wash cloths for guest hand drying and an empty basket to put them in. Cuts down on germs too!

  6. In place of matches, a drop or two of essential oil in the toilet before #2 actually does a terrific job deoderizing! (try peppermint, eucalyptus or tea tree) I don't know HOW it works, but it does!

    1. Interesting...I have been hearing so many good things about essential oils. Now I can add this one to the list! :-)


    2. You can also put a few drops inside the toilet paper roll.


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