Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Backpack, Backpack!"

Ok, so you might only be able to appreciate the video clip below if you have had or currently have children that were completely obsessed with Dora the Explorer at one point in their dear little lives. I'm pretty sure any adult that has endured that kind of trauma needs to enter a recovery group...ASAP! I mean the map song alone can cause your head to spin and then there is "the backpack!" 


The trauma I feel over years of Dora (thank goodness my kids have moved on!) is the closest thing that I could of think of to describe the craziness that I have felt when it came to the numerous backpacks in our home!

Sure this probably could have been a back to school organization post back in August but who has time to think of backpack hanging solutions when you are filling out first day of school surveys, making sure your kids have pants for the Fall that don't look like capris and spending hours looking for color specific folders that you were suppose to get your preschoolers but couldn't find because you stalled too long and now every store you enter is SOLD OUT.

Does it make sense why my "un-word" of the year was overwhelmed?

I have no shame in admitting that our backpacks have been gracing the coat closet floor or thrown really anywhere on the living room floor up until this point. It did drive me a bit batty, and I've been feeling less overwhelmed these days so I decided it was time to tackle..."the backpacks!" February.

While window shopping for dining room chairs in World Market I picked out some fun knobs in various colors and details.

world market knobs

We purchased some wood from Home Depot, cut them to the size we needed to fit the space and anchor into wall studs (Home Depot will also cuts boards right in the store for you), caulked the edges and then I got to painting with one coat of primer and two coats of white paint.

backpack hanging solution with knobs

Problem solved!

knobs for hanging backpacks

This was kind of a dead space as you walked down the basement stairs. By going vertical we had plenty of space for everyone to have a knob. I guess one of our space saving tips has been going vertical when it comes to figuring out how to store multiple shoes and pantry items.

hanging backpacks

It may be February but our backpacks have finally found a permanent is certainly in the air!

What system works for you to hang items like backpacks, purses or those random items that need a home?

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