Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Give, Save, Spend Jars For Kids!

We absolutely love our Melissa & Doug responsibility charts. At the end of each week we give the kids one quarter for every year old that they are. They also get a "bonus" of $1.50 if they didn't lose more than 7 smiley faces that week. In the past I've shared a little bit more about our system here.

giving your kids allowance

Giving them their own money has been really rewarding, for both them and us.
  • They are learning that it pays to be responsible in life.
  • They are learning the value of money...for instance, how many quarters it takes to buy a pack of gum.
  • On vacations they have to use their own money for "extra" perks or souvenirs. 
  • When they see something in the store that they want they know that they have to use their own money and not ask mom and dad to buy it for them. 
  • They are learning how to be generous by setting part of their money aside to give to our church.
  • They are learning how to be responsible by saving for the future.

The kids previously had various piggy banks in all different shapes and sizes. The hard part was that they were spread out all over the house and made it hard to be consistent come Sunday when we usually try to pass out the quarters and clear the charts. Most times we were just writing the number of quarters that we owed them on their boards and calling it good. I was really hoping to come up with a solution that would be inexpensive to create and keep all of the jars in one place.

We've been using this new solution for a few weeks now and it works great!

giving your kids money to give save and spend

To make your very own money jars you only need a few supplies.

Give, Save, Spend Jars For Kids!

A few mason jars, some washi tape, and a sharpie marker.

using washi tape to make money jars

We color code most things for our kids so I used washi tape in various colors that would make it easy to identify their jars. I needed to create a surface that I could write on to label the three different types of jars. 

save jars for kids

I bought some spice racks from IKEA to place the jars in. You could use any kind of shelf really, but these are nice because the jars can't slide off of the front and you can fit four into each one. You can't tell from the picture but we also purchased a piece of wood from Home Depot to anchor to the wall and then attached the shelves into that. Because of the weight we wanted to make sure it was strong & secure to the wall studs.

responsibility charts and money jars for kids

The jars remind me of an old fashion general store the way that they are all lined up in a row. This corner of our home is a special hub where the kids can be creative and learn lessons about the importance of being responsible with their attitudes and actions.

charts and piggy banks for kids,

How did your parents teach you how to handle money growing up?

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  1. We do "commission" jars like this too. Great idea to use the washi tape.

  2. We do "commission" jars like this too. Great idea to use the washi tape.
    (found your post on Thrifty Thursday. I am sharing a post all about repurposing jars too!)

  3. My dad taught me the "spend, save, share" model and divided my allowance into those categories. When I started getting my first adult paychecks, it was just obvious to me that 20% should go straight to my savings account and 10% to church! Funny how I seem to be more financially comfortable than many of my friends who have similar or higher salaries but treat all their money as "spend"--I have always been able to replace an appliance when I need to, etc., and have never had to borrow money except to buy a house. Learning to live within your means as well as share your wealth is a valuable lesson; I'm glad you're teaching it to your kids!

  4. I am new to your blog, but is am loving it. You have shared so many great ideas. Perhaps you have addressed this already somewhere, but I wondered if you could expand on your color coding system.

    1. Great question! We mainly use the color coding system when it comes to the kids cups and bowls and plates. It has really worked well for us and the plus side is that I always know who left their cup on the table. :-)


  5. This is such an important lesson to teach kids and I love the beautiful, functional way you came up with to do it.

  6. I love this idea and recently finished Give, Save, Spend Jars for our kids. I just posted about them and linked back to you here.

    1. Allyson,

      I'm so glad that you were able to create something that works for your family!



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