Friday, February 21, 2014

I Finally Figured Out Where To Put A Plank Wall!

I have enjoyed every bit of decorating our home. I guess that is what happens when it is a passion. However it has also been...a process. Currently a two year process with a $50 per month budget for DIY/Decor and I am still in awe of how quickly things have transformed!

Since implementing that budget I find that I sit and sit and sit on ideas and try to wait for that inner excitement to burst from my brain before I pull the trigger on a project (you think I'm kidding?!? Every penny counts!). Once I am truly excited about a project I am able to stay motivated and work quickly to complete it because I simply can't wait to see the end results and see how the finished product turned out!

I can still remember the night I was sitting in our living room and like a light bulb going off I finally pictured what I wanted to do in our dining room. To this day our No Barista Needed, Coffee Bar is so functional for our family and lifestyle and we use it...every day.

I'm glad that I waited until that excitement grew before I pulled the trigger on making changes in our dining room!

Now for months...months, almost every time that I sit in the living room I am trying to brainstorm where to add a plank wall. (To see a great example of a "plank wall" check out Carrie's post!) It is all about texture for me and plank walls make my heart go pitter, patter. I would love to add one to our entryway or to one of the walls in the living room. 

For months my dilemma has been...which wall?

As you walk in our front door you come right into this narrow entrance. A few feet forward and the space opens up on the right to go into the living room or you can go straight and go right into our kitchen. 

I would love to add something special in this space, but I also don't want it to feel closed in or too tight for when people are coming in the door. There isn't a whole lot of space but we have tried to make every inch count...especially in our shoe closet for example.

Here is a view from the kitchen looking back towards the front door. 

Those pictures pretty much sum up the foyer. 

In the living room there is one long wall that I have considered doing a plank wall on. However I've been torn at the thought of having to take down the flowers that I really like as well as the fact that the wall is so long. But it does have a lot of holes in the wall that already need to be patched and then painted. Not to mention that I decided to move the piano away from the corner a little which now makes the art that was hanging above it off center (eventually I'll get to fixing that.) 

Is this wall just a little too long for a plank wall though?

Then there is also this wall in the living room that is also by the entrance. You can't see it when you first walk in the door but you could enjoy the view on this wall while sitting on the couches in the living room. 

We've tried moving that coat rack to other places in the house but it just doesn't seem to work anywhere else. Not to mention that it is super convenient having it right by the front door and the kids are able to hang up their own coats which is great.

See why it has taken me so long to decide?!?

The good news is that I have made a decision! I actually have another idea worked into the project as well and I totally have that whole I CAN'T WAIT TO FINISH THIS PROJECT excitement! Of course that also means that I now have to figure out when I will start the project too. :-)

And yes, I am totally going to leave you hanging as to which wall I decided to make a plank wall.

Although it would be fun to hear which wall you would choose!

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  1. Yay! I love that feeling when you finally figure out exactly how you want to tackle a project and just can't wait another minute to start! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    1. Thanks Carrie...I'll be stalking your post for days and probably even have a few questions I'll be emailing you about how you did your plank wall. ;-)


  2. Tease! ;) Looking forward to seeing what goodness you create. :D

    1. Julie,

      ;-) Also helpful in case I decide to change my mind about which wall to put it on. :-)


  3. It is so hard to choose sometimes- I know I tossed around the type of paneling I wanted to do in our boys room before just going with the plank wall- glad I did, now!


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