Monday, February 10, 2014

Learning how to enjoy the little things...

learning how to enjoy the little things

The bottle of inexpensive bubble bath had just ran out and my four year old daughter was already asking for more bubbles. I knew it was out of enjoyment that she was asking for more but part of her request sounded like a demand. "Honey, we probably won't have bubbles every bath time," I told her.

Part of me thought...why not? It isn't that expensive. 

I was probably feeling a little bit of mommy guilt because last year we took away the plethora of bath toys the kids had. With five kids we had to streamline the bathing process. One child in particular had to literally have the bath water emptied in order to get him to stop playing with the toys and get out of the tub. I was tired of the struggle and it was time for the bath toys to vanish into thin air.

I kept thinking...besides the cost factor why couldn't they have bubbles every time? 

I was preparing the stockings for the kids this past Christmas and had forgotten about the things that I had purchased at Target the year before (I guess that is what happens when you shop the after-Christmas sales to prepare for next year). I thought it was funny when I pulled out some bubble bath that I had gotten for our daughter. 

She was delighted to receive it in her stocking. After months of not having it she almost seemed more excited than times before. Since then we've used some of the bubbles and sometimes mommy says, "not this time let's save what you have for next time." She doesn't seem to mind since now she knows that having a bubble bath is a special treat and not a right.

Sometimes it's really hard to say no to our kids, we do after all want them to be happy. The parental guilt that we feel alone can drive one crazy. :-)

I could throw out the entitlement word and how I don't want my kids to feel entitled to anything...even if it is inexpensive bubble bath. However, more than that my conclusion on bubble bath was really about wanting my daughter to learn to enjoy the little things. I know that most times we enjoy the things that we don't have all of the time and lose appreciation for the things that we do have all of the time.

So my darling girl I hope that you always enjoy bubble day long down the road you too will find yourself a mother. It is amazing how calming, soothing and peaceful those rare but treasured bubble baths can be. Like many things in life, you might dream of having one every day, but just remember how much more you enjoy things when you don't have them all of the time. That is how you can find the greatest joy from...the little things.

What little things do you enjoy most?

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  1. Clean sheet day is my favorite day of the week - I also enjoy a new pair of socks. These are two of my favorite things.

  2. Lovely post and beautiful perspective on things. My little thing would be showers. It is my zen time. lol :)

    1. Julie,

      I like the extra emphasis on "long." :-)


  3. I having thinking a lot about this lately.. THANK YOU!

  4. Sadly my kids don't get bubble baths due to UTI's. Our doctor recommended we avoid bubble baths completely. Instead we've done bath markers/crayons/special toys that are only used occasionally so they stay a special playbath treat.


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