Friday, February 28, 2014

Restoring Rest

Taking time to rest is an important rhythm in everyday life. One of the reasons why I love creating an inviting home is so that our family can have a place to rest and enjoy moments together on a regular basis. 

We've also found that taking some time away outside of our normal routines always gives us fresh perspective, restoring rest, and great joy as we return home to five beaming faces. 

Sam and I are currently on our 10 year anniversary dream vacation. In this post I shared a little bit more about that. (It has been so exciting to hear many of you say that you are now going to start saving for a fun trip!!!) 

In my absence this week, feel free to explore previous posts using the tabs above. In fact, I even have some of my favorites scheduled to post to Facebook during my absence (technology is amazing!) You might also find glimpses of our trip on Instagram. The jury is still out whether this lady (who easily gets motion sickness!) is going to handle a large ship on the ocean...only time will tell. :-) I'll return back to my normal posting schedule on March 10th.

An Inviting Home ~ Parenting.Adoption.Organization.Decor

Monday - Parenting (every other week) & Adoption (every other week)
Wednesday - Organization
Friday - Decor

Have a tremendous week and I look forward to being back with you on the 10th!

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