Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Laundry Tips You Just Might Love!

When I wrote about our laundry system back in September I never imagined that there would be so many responses to one little post! There have been mixed reviews; some of sheer excitement and some of disappointment. It never even crossed my mind that by titling the picture below the way that I did some would think that I had found the miracle of all miracles...a way to wash and dry clothes in less than one hour. I apologize if it seemed misleading. It literally never occurred to me...I was just super excited that this momma was spending less than one hour of hands on time doing laundry and I mustered up enough courage to tell the world how I did it.

Laundry In Less Than One Hour

Since then many of you have told me how you have stopped folding your kids laundry AND many of you have told me that you could never stop. I honestly think both options are FANTASTIC! I knew that this wasn't a system that would work for everyone but the sheer amount of emails and comments from women saying, "I don't feel like I am drowning in laundry anymore!" is what has had me smiling for months! My goal in writing that post was simply to inspire others to think outside of the box when it came to laundry and find hope in whatever option you choose. 

There is no right or wrong option...simply chose the one that brings you the most joy!

Tips on Doing Laundry

Something pretty cool happened as a result of that post. So many of YOU shared some down right AMAZING tips when it came to laundry. 

Today I wanted to feature a few of those. 

5 Laundry Tips You Just Might Love

1) To make sorting clothes a breeze...label clothes by putting one dot (using a sharpie) on the tag of your oldest child's shirt. When the shirt gets passed down to the second child add a dot. You could keep adding as many dots as you need and then you don't have to remember who wears what size when you are sorting clothes. (Many of you shared this one!)

2) If you are lacking space in drawers you could file folded shirts and pants sideways (like papers in a filing cabinet.) This way you can see every shirt and you can fit more clothes in your drawers. (Thanks Elizabeth Lopez!)

3) Make a homemade wrinkle spray using an empty spray bottle. Fill it with mostly water and a couple of teaspoons of liquid fabric softener. Shake well, and spray lightly onto wrinkled garment. Then use your hands to pull and lightly stretch out the wrinkles. Repeat for whole garment, taking care not to saturate it. (Thanks jjflamingo!)

4) Teach your child how to do their own laundry and then give them a designated day to wash and fold. This is a great way to teach them responsibility and take the task off of you. (Here are four easy steps to help you teach your child a new task.) (Many of you shared this one!)

5) Give each person in your family a mesh laundry bag to keep in their room. Have them put their dirty socks in the bag and then toss it in the more sorting socks! (Thanks Hamrsark!)

Thank you so much for sharing your tips with all of us! 

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  1. I think I found your blog via that post. I read the comments and was amused to see how passionate people are about how they do laundry (and a bit judgmental too!). I don't have my laundry down to a smooth process totally yet but we are getting there! I just thought I would share one thing I have done which has helped enormously. I put a small bin on a shelf in the laundry and put a 'single socks' label on it. My family has the unfortunate habit of leaving socks all over the house (I have tried to break this habit but it still happens all the time) and sometimes not every matching pair gets into the same load or the same days washing. Whenever I have finished sorting and folding any leftover sock gets thrown into the basket (single socks in drawers is one of those little things that drives me bananas!). About once a week or two, I go through the basket and pick out all the pairs that have found each other again. If some socks stay in there for a few months I know for sure the other one is truly lost and out it goes. Such a simple thing but it has been surprisingly helpful. So, got anything controversial to say about meal planning?? I could use some help there. :)

    1. Catherine,

      That is exactly how we currently do our socks too. :-) Hmmm, meal planning... :-)


  2. I try to keep laundry to a minimum, by wearing some thing multiple times, etc...

    1. Thanks Katy, great ideas in your post! :-)


  3. I only have two kids, but my tip is that I bought all the same white socks in a size that they can both wear. So I don't sort (or fold!) small socks anymore, I just huck all the white socks in the sock drawer.


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