Friday, March 14, 2014

A Reason To Invite People Into Your Home

We really enjoy having friends come over to our home. This usually happens a few times a week. I guess it is the way my husband and I are wired. Some people wonder how it doesn't stress us out. As I prepared our home yesterday for a special event I started thinking about some of the reasons why inviting people over is a joy and not a stressful situation. 

Last night we were having a bridal shower at our house for a dear friend. A few ladies from our weekly Thursday night group planned it for her. After getting the older kids off to school yesterday I had to run an errand. Along the way I decided to swing into Party City. A few minutes later I left the store with some beautiful balloons and one teal disposable table cloth. 

I arrived home and began some preparations for our evening guests. 

I had a good reason to decorate the house a little. I finally had a chance to use a bulletin board that was collecting dust in the closet. Oh and that washi tape that I bought on clearance months ago but hadn't really figured out what to use it for...well I had a good reason to use that too.

I had a good reason to be resourceful. With balloons on hand I now had a good reason to use some cut wood pieces that had been out in the garage. A friend had graciously given them to me after her wedding and I was certain they would come in handy at some point. 

I had a good reason to be creative. Creativity needed when I realized that my tea light candles didn't fit into the holes on the wood pieces. I'm not sure my, "fill the holes with coffee beans" idea had the same decorative affect...but they sure smelled good.

I had a good reason to clean. As I laid out the balloons it just made sense to do some needed dusting as well.

That also led me to have a good reason to finally shake out the rug that was lying across the coffee table. After all, the shower presents needed to go somewhere. Which then meant I had a great reason to grab the vacuum.

If you give a mouse a cookie...

decorating for a bridal shower

I had a good reason to think of others. I noticed that we would need extra seating so I prepped the porch for some more comfortable seating. I also sat down and enjoyed the brilliant sunlight hitting my face.

I had a good reason to ask for help. Over the years I've learned that potluck style for meals (where everyone brings something to share) is a great way to remove stress over preparing food for a large crowd. Which also meant that I had a good reason to be grateful that I didn't have to cook dinner tonight and we all had a great reason to enjoy some delicious food!  

friends over for dinner potluck style

And most importantly, after I put a few serving spoons into the yummy dishes that had been brought, I had a good reason to sit down and just be... with friends.

friends over for dinner

I had left my home earlier that day for a little trip to get balloons. In the process there were many reasons for me that made it an enjoyable experience and not something that I dread. I think most people dread having people over because of unrealistic expectations that they put on themselves. In all of the preparation I didn't have the need, time or reason to clean the downstairs family room so I left that for another day. Things don't have to be spotless or perfect to be inviting.  

For me, keeping things simple is key. 

The more we do this the more we have found that laughter, joy and great memories always come after we take that first step to invite people into our home. Whether it is sitting and laughing over a "who knows the couple best" quiz, pulling a burning lid out of the oven, having two people realize that they met each other years ago at a Zumba class and didn't even know it, or celebrating with a soon to be bride...these are the moments where love is.

love lives here

Oh, and if you are still wondering why these moments are stress free... is because the tablecloth is disposable. :-)

What are some of the reasons that you invite people into your home?

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  1. I love this post. We are expecting guests for the weekend and I can't wait. Let the redecorating / cleaning frenzy begin!

    1. Ashley,

      I hope that your weekend went well! :-)


  2. I havent had people over yet , but when i do the biggest reason is because i finally have a space to invite people, i just need to run it by roomates now lol.

  3. Cute! I thought of the book, If you give a mouse a cookie, right away! :)

  4. Love it! Thanks for the chuckle about the disposable table cloth - so true! ;)

  5. That was cute and inspiring. I wish I knew people and had a reason to invite people over I'd love to do that! I'd be the mouse too haha

  6. Great idea and very inspiring ! We just joining a new home church and thinking to inviting a couple of church friends to come over to our small apartment for a simple lunch or dinner !! Thanks for sharing !!

    1. What a great way to get to know people from your new church!



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