Friday, March 28, 2014

A Semi-DIY Charging Station

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a cellaholic.

Admitting the problem is always the first step, right?

Technology is here to stay and honestly, I am grateful for that. Our schedules change every day and I’ve learned to be flexible thanks to good ol’ technology. My husband and I are able to communicate through phone calls, texts and our linked google calendar. It is amazing what you can do these days!

However, even pecan pie can make you sick if you eat too much of it.

Over the past few years I've carried my phone in my pocket. I’ve become fully aware that I pull it out 50 plus times a day! I finally took all notifications, except texts, off of my phone. That helped a little but I would still do endless scrolling way too often. Friends of mine have mentioned taking things like facebook directly off of their phones (and trick yourself into not using your web brower to open it). I think that is a great solution. Because of blogging, however, it is helpful for me to keep facebook on my phone for when I am on the go. If I can learn how to manage it that is.

And let’s talk about sleeping at night shall we? I’ve always plugged my phone in right next to my nightstand. Which means my habit became crawl in bed, plug the phone in, catch up on emails, facebook and Instagram. No wonder I could never fall asleep peacefully anymore...I couldn’t get my brain to shut off.

Have you ever been there?

I finally decided that the best option for me is to not carry my phone in my pocket around the house anymore. Yet I needed a place to dock my phone that was centrally located in our house. That way I could still hear if a text or call came in.

Thus “The Dock” was created.

The Dock a charging station for guests

It is centrally located in our home which has it hanging in our living room. (A living room that is looking very different these days. I’ll be sharing a spring tour with all of the updates in two weeks…sorry to leave you hanging.)

I’m all about doing DIY projects to keep within a budget. But I also love being able to pick up a product and use my imagination to tweak it a little…not twerk…tweak.

I’ve been eyeing this shelf at Target for about a month. I finally bought it last week with this project in mind.

a multiple charging station

I also bought a three prong extension cord and used a three prong adapter that we already had to create five plug ins.

extension cord for phone docking station

The basket that I used was something that I already had on hand but I've noticed that they still sell them at Target. I think they call it a media basket and the shape works great for setting on top of the shelf. You could also use decorative boxes that you could cut holes into.  

basket to hold cords to charge phones

I drilled holes into some of the boxes on the shelf and I also notched out the back so that cords could hang down from the basket and go into the holes. 

Target shelf turned charging station

The back of this shelf already had about a quarter inch spacing on the back so it still hangs on the wall flush even with the phone chargers going down the back.

charging station

I decided to give command products a try again (after a failed use of them last year.) I picked up some of these to help secure my white extension cord along the corner of the wall. There are probably more discrete options for actually hiding the main cord but this worked as a quick fix for now.

command hooks for docking station

I picked up some cute supplies at Michaels to create a sign to go on the basket.

supplies from michaels to make docking station for guests

This creation is definitely for personal use but we are always trying to keep our guests in mind. Sam came up with the name, "The Dock" and I added public access to communicate to our guests that they can juice up their phones as well or even leave them to dock for a bit if they want a little break from technology too.

The Dock Public Access

Last year we turned our old phones into gaming devices for the kids to use. They don't have wifi turned on but they do have games that we've approved on them. Now we have a place to keep them charged and out of reach until mommy says it's ok to use them. 

The Dock a public docking station for phones

Currently we have three micro usb cords available and we plan on putting two iphone cords in too. (We don't discriminate in this house.) ;-) A few friends have some extra iphone cords and they were excited to donate them to our cause. 

This is now where my phone lives...on the dock. I can still hear it if a phone call comes in and I love that I am gaining control over my phone...and it's not the other way around.

Sweet dreams all the way around!

A Semi-DIY Charging Station

How has technology impacted your life?

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  1. My junior high school students phone was stolen yesterday, my husband is a detective, it was very alarming when the gps showed us he was not where expected. Everything turned out ok, but yesterday was scary for a minute. I love your charging station, very practical. Please come share at the Bacon Time linky, if you have not already.

  2. " . . . we turned our old phones into gaming devices for the kids to use. They don't have wifi turned on but they do have games that we've approved on them." HOW DID YOU DO THAT????? Could you please give a step-by-step about this? THANKS!!

    1. Great question, I'll plan to do a tutorial on it in the coming weeks!


  3. I think I might be in love! Gorgeous!

  4. I love this! It's such a great idea to leave this open to guests too! I just recently got a smartphone and it's only fed into my internet addiction. I agree that turning off notifications really helps--otherwise I'd be on my phone all day!

  5. Hi, would an iPad mini fit in the shelf?

    1. I don't have one to try but I measured the cubby and then also looked up the measurements for an iPad mini. It looks like it would fit at an angle but would also stick out the front a little.



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