Monday, March 31, 2014

Do You Ever Wish That There Was A Manual For Parenting?

I feel like I am asking myself most days, "wait, when did I become the parent?" 

Which is usually followed up by, "...a manual would be really great right now!"

Last summer we found ourselves weighing out all of the options as to whether we would send our then almost five year olds to preschool. My husband and I didn't attend preschool as children so in our paradigm it wasn't a must. In weighing out our options we decided that it would be a good choice for our kids. We wanted to give them some time to adjust to a school setting and schedule in preparation for all day kindergarten the following year. I sort of hoped that I could just send them for the spring semester but I was told that my chances of getting them both in mid-year would be slim. So I decided to buy a few more backpacks and send them off this past September.

They were ready!

Thankfully they also give you a discount for your second child. 

Sam couldn't be home on their first day of school so he recorded a video message for the kids. Technology really is pretty great.

The past seven months have been wonderful!

The kids have really blossomed in this setting. Their teachers are phenomenal and I've never seen two little kids more excited about homework (ugghh I wish that excitement would last forever!)

Now we've reached a crossroad where our schedules have changed. We realized that by continuing with preschool things would be a tad bit crazy for the next few months. Suddenly it occurred to me to ask Sam, "what if we kept the kids home for the last two months?" That would mean more quality time with them at home before they make the jump to school in the fall. And hey, our original goals have already been met...let's do it!

The funny thing is...I don't think a manual would have ever given me that option. Article 23B: Enroll your child into preschool for seven months and then complete the last two months at home.

Parenting is learning about what works best for your family...what your priorities are...what you value most as a family.

I know that come fall we will be more than ready to tackle four kids in school (hallelujah!) but for the next five months I plan on cherishing these five year olds. I'm certain that before I know it they will be all grown up.

What choices have you had to make as a parent that you might not find in a manual?

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  1. I agree, a manual would be helpful! We did something similar this year for different reasons. After Christmas, I found myself homeschooling my 6th and 2nd graders! Now that the dust has settled (and, boy, there was some dust kicked up!) we are all enjoying it. We are only doing it for this six months before they go to a different school this fall but I love having my kids home with me.

  2. I've always homeschooled my two oldest but after my 10 yr old's recent Aspergers diagnosis, things got even crazier. So March 3, my 7 yo started public school with her BF. Not sure yet how to handle the upcoming grade 3 and grade 6 years, too many options that aren't just exactly right.

  3. I hope to homeschool all of them again, but not at the expense of my sanity!


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