Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My "Well Thought Out" Organization Process!

When it comes to organizing things in our home, this is how my "well thought out" process goes...

1) Something that we use or do in everyday life drives me crazy.
2) I determine if it is going to be an ongoing problem.
3) The ongoing problem then bugs me enough that I get motivated to come up with a solution. 
4) I then start getting excited about the solution and annoyed at the continued ongoing problem and voila..motivation to organize commences!

This is a well thought out process, don't you think? ;-)

Here are some random examples that I picked from the archives to show you what I mean.

organizing ideas

1) Our paper piles were literally piling up and I couldn't keep track of important papers...like the water bill (pretty important!) Now we have a system for papers where I can always find...the water bill.

2) Kids game pieces, puzzle pieces, dice...you name it, I would find them ALL over the floor. It is so time consuming to put little pieces back where they go, one by one, so I developed a system that allowed me to put the tiny pieces all in one place until we were eventually ready to put them back where they go.

3) The task of cleaning bed linens for a family of seven was overwhelming until we finally determined what frequency worked best for our family and how to keep track of sheets that were washed.

4) What to do with three boys' rock collections...need I say more.

5) Bathing five children in an efficient manner that would make bath time a successful activity and not a dreaded task. Our solution was creating a kids' cleaning station.

6) Realizing that with five children living here we clearly were going to have a problem of..."that is MY toy!" So we determined that sharing toys were defined by where the toys were located in the house and "personal toys" could be kept in the kids bedrooms. This is probably one of the things that has kept us sane over the past few years when it comes to kids arguing about toys.

organizing toys

Hopefully that gives you an idea of how the process works.

I really enjoy sharing on the blog the solutions that we come up with...simply to inspire. You are the one that knows your home & family the best and what systems will work best for you!

I don't want you to get the idea that everything is organized in our home. I have lots of things on the current "this is driving me crazy list!" In no way whatsoever am I lacking for organization projects...here are a few. :-)

Problem: Measuring Cups & Spoons!

organizing measuring cups

Meet our measuring cup drawer. I have random sets with broken handles and missing measurements. While I might have three 1/3 cup measuring cups I can never seem to locate one that is 1/4 cup. 

Problem: Toys!

organizing toy bins

While I'm still completely happy with our toy storage solution the bottom line is we have way too many toys! It became too much to have SO many sets of toys in our basement let alone all of the toys in the kids rooms. At Christmas time especially we do the whole one toy in, give one toy away thing, but things were still clearly out of control. 

During one of my "this is driving me crazy moments" I removed a bunch of toys while the kids were at school. To convince myself that I am not a completely terrible mom I decided to put all of the removed toys in our guest room closet and see if the kids noticed any "missing" toys. So far the only thing they have come looking for is the barbie car. I did my best to "help them" find it as I secretly vanished into an unknown location and reappeared later with it in my possession. Not only do I now know that the barbie car is a must have, I also became a hero in the process. :-)

too many toys

As far as the extra cubby that I now have because of fewer toys, the jury is still out on where that is going to go. Currently it has come in handy over the winter months to house hats & mittens in our entryway. While having something a little more concealed (like bins in the cubbies) would be nice, the whole thing is still a work in progress.

organizing hats and mittens

Problem: Books!

organizing books

I'm pretty sure we have about a trillion books and in numerous places through out the house. We are all for encouraging our kids to read (don't take after your mom, kids!) However, sometimes the whole trillion book thing feels slightly out of control.

Problem: Our Broom Closet!

broom closet

This closet in our kitchen has always been super handy. However, things are always falling out of it and the broom never wants to stay inside. Even with a hook for it all of us have gotten knocked in the head at least eight times by this thing.

The upper part of the cabinet could use a little assistance too.

organizing a broom closet

There you have it...I'm convinced that I'll be organizing this house for years to come. No worries...it is a happy place for me, I come alive! Good thing our family is always growing and changing to keep this momma continually going crazy...and happy. :-)

What things around your house are driving you crazy that you just might cause you to nail down a solution? And please, any ideas or tips you have for my current problems...comment away! :-)

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  1. LOVE your blog! Measuring Cups...I also had a drawer that looked similiar to yours. Since, I have my baking products (flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, ...) in storage containers, I put a 1/2 cup in each container except for flour and sugar, they have a 1 cup in each. This has helped me several ways... I don't have to look for a measuring cup, or rinse out the cup to measure another item, AND less clean-up after baking. The measuring cups stay in each container all the time.


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