Monday, March 24, 2014

ReMoved ~ A Look At Foster Care

If you have considered doing foster care I would encourage you to watch this twelve minute short film. There is so much pain in the world and there are so many children who have had to endure more pain than we know. This world needs women and men who are responsible, kind, and compassionate who will come alongside children in the midst of those difficult times. You just might be their glimmer of light.


What are your thoughts after watching this?

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  1. That was really beautiful. Sometimes we think about being foster parents when the littles get older. We've known a lot of foster children, and we know that there are so many foster families that don't really care. To make a difference in one child's life would be worth the difficulties. It's amazing that you're doing it with three! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. That was intense and ironically relatibal, not the phyisical abuse but every thing she went through with not feeling X Y Z, and the roots

  3. That was so sad for that child, what was she maybe 8 yrs. old?, she was afraid to trust a foster parent that seemed to care about her (the black woman). The child has been thru so much but she was worrying about her little brother. He seemed to want her more than his Mother. Very sad for all of them. The Mother wasn't strong enuf to stop the abuse, she was being abused herself.
    We are in our early/mid 70's so don't think we'd be eligible to be foster parents. I suffer from anxiety and depression, my own children hate me (except one) due to problems I had when they were very young. Part of it was I didn't know better and part was being told constantly how I'd better make my kids behave and how to do it. I tried to commit suicide several times in my teens as I didn't think anybody loved me or wanted me around. I was very anxious about being wanted by anybody, still am regarding my kids. Don't know how to relate to people.
    God bless you for what you have done for the children you adopted. Your own biological children will learn much from their parents. Happy Spring days

  4. Reminds me a bit of the White Oleander movie. Personally, I'd love to Foster, and I could offer a child a warm/safe home with opportunities to explore the world alongside a family with ma, pa, and a younger sibling. Good food to eat. Access to a solid education. Access to.....well, childhood.

    ....But I am scared that I would receive a child so psychologically damaged as to themselves be abusive, an active/practicing addict, and/or unable to navigate civilized society. And I honestly don't have the ability to manage that. This is what ultimately stops me.

  5. Me and my husband were foster parents but as the months went by we realized that the kids were so damaged mentally that we could not handle that. We tried for almost 3 years. And few times there was a situation were we received information that the social workers had known all along but didn´t bother to tell us.

    We asked for help, therapy, counseling etc. but none of it was helpful. The kids were out of this world; abusive to us and kids, every adult that they met etc. We made a choice not to sacrifice our biological kids and whole family. We had to let go. If we had known everything, the truth, from the start we would never start the whole thing.

    It was horrible for the kids and for us but we didn´t want oue biological children to be abused in our own home. They started to fear mental and physical abuse and that was not okay.

    This didn´t happen in US. When you give everything of yourself and your family and it keeps getting worse and worse it´s not okay. We have been keeping in touch with those kids and Im sorry to say that it get worse and worse every year. They were too long with their parents, and they will live their whole childhood with psychiatric professionals and still; they don´t even know what to do.

    I think that these kind of things are hidden and it is not foster parents fault if social workers are not telling the truth.

  6. Such a touching, yet very sad, video.

    @Anonymous (3/24/14 3:03pm) and anyone else considering foster care - My husband and I are in the process of being licensed for foster care right now. They talk to you pretty extensively about what is involved, give you tons of resources, and you have multiple opportunities to tell them what you are and are not comfortable handling. We are able to specify what age child(ren) we are willing to take, how many children, and we also can say what medical/mental health/any other issues we are not comfortable dealing with or are not prepared to deal with. Please don't let your fears stop you. If you would love to foster, please contact your county to at least get some information. Our county is always in need of foster homes. We got some good info simply by calling our county and having a phone chat with one of the social workers. Then we went to an in-person info session with a few other families. Don't let your fear hold you back!

  7. I would love to foster - however we would wait until our 16 year old is out of the house and in college. The reason for that is because she herself was abused by her birth mom and stepfather. I wouldn't want to ever put her in a situaiton where she felt hurt or abandoned again. Let alone reliving all she has worked through in the past few years. So proud of her, and I'd love to give the love, compassion and understanding I know I have - because of my own past, to another.

  8. We just finished the adoption of our son. He was foster to adopt. The process can be trying at times but (as you know) it was well worth it. I will do it again if given the opportunity.


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