Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Re-Organizing & An Opportunity For Twin City Dwellers

It happens every winter. Our laundry room and root cellar/storage room get inundated with STUFF. 

Our once organized space gets filled with remnants of house projects, seasonal decor, things that have been broken and hand me down clothes.

The space looks like it exploded!

For the really cold winter months I don't do much in our storage room because the space is unheated and just down right cold. I also have to be careful about what I store in there. Our laundry room usually stays pretty clear so that we can have space for laundry baskets and so that I can find my way to the freezers. 

The key word is "usually"...

I always seem to have extra baskets on hand which quickly get filled with things like extra mason jars left over from this project or new vent covers that we are trying to size right to replace the old ones in the house. I guess you could say that even the laundry room has gotten a little bit out of hand. 

With spring on the horizon I have to make room to get to the clothes bins. There is no time like the present to sort, purge and re-organize. I think the key to not having this problem is clear...less stuff! 

While I'm always on a mission to be organized I've got to be honest and say that sometimes I also just need a drop zone to put things that don't have a permanent home or that need to be put back someplace but I don't have the time to do it right then and there. (Kind of like our game piece basket to house all of those little pieces that I'm always stepping on...only bigger.)

It is when those things start interfering with every day not being able to get to things in the freezer or find longer pants for those growing kids that we then clearly have a problem. Ultimately, I need to take some time to whip this place into shape!

Friends of ours lead an Oromo church that meets in St. Paul. Next weekend they are having a garage sale to raise money to start a school for Oromo kids in Ethiopia. All of the proceeds from that sale go to one truly amazing cause! (After reading this book I am simply ecstatic to do something to help.)

A lot of times organizing can seem like a daunting task especially when you don't know where to put things. And sometimes it's hard to purge things that you aren't using but you think that someday you might need. I've found that when I have a reason to purge (like helping to support a school in Ethiopia) then it is way easier to part with things. It also becomes a win-win for our family because we now have a much more manageable space.

If you happen to live in the twin cities and want to donate to this cause you can do so in two ways:

1) You can drop off items to be donated at Bethel Christian Fellowship located at 1466 Portland Ave., St. Paul 55104. Drop off times are Mon. - Thurs. (April 7th - 10th) from 9am - 3pm. Off of Portland Ave. there are two entrances, you can enter through the set on the right labeled office and find someone who can help you further. Cherie is also helping to coordinate this and can be emailed here with questions.

2) And if you are itching to get out and hit up one of the first garage sales of the season (it will be indoors so the weather can't stop it!) then you can shop the sale on Friday April 11th from 9AM - 5:30PM & Saturday April 12th from 9AM - 2PM.

I don't know about you but I am now motivated to purge away. Maybe we'll even run into each other dropping things off...wouldn't that be fun!

So tell me, do you have a drop zone? Does spring cleaning mean spring organizing for you too? Happy organizing everyone!

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    A drop zone is on my To-Do list for Spring. We have a tiny apartment where our family of 5 lives and there's not a lot of room near the front door. I'm planning on installing hooks at the beginning of our hallway for our kids backpacks, sweaters, and car keys for us. With a basket right below the hooks for anything that can't go on the actual hooks.

  2. We live in a tiny house (think 770 sq ft, 1 bedroom, and 4 people!), so even a little pile can get overwhelming! To combat this we have a "go-back" basket on a shelf by our back door. It helps to keep things corralled that don't belong in the house or need to be returned, but haven't gotten a chance to take care of yet. Everything from a hammer that goes back to the workbench to an item to return to Target, to outgrown clothes that need to be stored in the garage. We have a detached garage, so making a trip out there to return one thing to it's home can sometimes feel exhausting at just the thought (how can 20 feet seem so far sometimes??). But since using the "go-back" basket, making a trip out to the garage to retrieve one thing turns in to uber-productive return-things-to-their-rightful-home trip as well :). But I would also be lying if I said that even the basket never gets out of control ;). Generally it works for us though!


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