Friday, April 4, 2014

The IKEA Grandfather Clock Sticker

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I have a thing for decorative wall stickers. I have no idea why! I tell my kids all of the time that stickers only go on paper. And I promised myself, PROMISED myself...that I wouldn't put any more up.

Want to see what new project I'm going to show you today? 

I'm officially crazy.

The reason why I promised myself I wouldn't put any more up is because I kind of over-killed the sticker thing in our house. When we first moved in it was the easiest way to decorate quicklyHowever, now I'm learning that over time they become disposable wall art. Once you need to paint a wall you basically have to take down the sticker and start over. Sure, at usually $20 or less they aren't really that expensive, compared to other things you could put on a wall, but it still felt like a waste that they couldn't be re-used (I do have one set of mug stickers that I have successfully moved many times but the rest are all ones that can't be moved and re-used.)

Then last summer I found myself walking the aisles at IKEA and getting stuck on their decorative sticker of a grandfather clock. 

Coolest thing I ever did see!

In fact, I bought the sticker and the clock many, many months ago and they have been sitting in my closet ever since. They sat for months because I did something that I usually try to avoid. I bought a decoration without having a place in my home to put it.  

I don't recommend doing that.

Then recently when I started scheming up a location for the plank wall things came together in an unplanned way. I decided to not only plank a wall but also finally patch the holes in our other walls as well. I sadly said goodbye to the flower that I loved. It was a short farewell as I then said hello to a white wall and the cheapest grandfather clock I've ever seen. :-)

I really like how modern it looks. In this particular case, I also really like how the clock is 3-D to add a further fun & functional element as well.

The sticker only cost $9.99 at Ikea. I bought the clock there as well for $19.99 although you could put a clock you already own in the space as well. I almost thought a colorful clock would add another pop of color but then I decided to stick with the black and white on this one. (Karianne also did a fun rendition in hot pink, you'll definitely want to check it out!)

I am loving the clean and crisp look of the black clock mixed with our new white wall.

Yep, new white wall!

I didn't mean to stir up so much curiosity when I said that the wall that I chose for the plank wall would be a surprise. Really, I just wanted to play it safe in case in the process I changed my mind about which wall to put it on. Ultimately, I went with my original plan. Even my sister was asking to skype so that she could get a sneak peak. :-)

I have a few more finishing touches to do before I snap some new shots to finally reveal what I have been up to. Stay tuned for next Friday when I take part in a Spring Parade of homes.

Until then, I'll give you one more little sneak peak.

Now that finished plank wall location might really be a mystery.

Any guesses on which wall now? ;-) Have a great weekend friends!

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