Monday, May 12, 2014

A Movie That All Moms Should Go See!

The last 7 days were emotionally draining with Sam being out of town and the anticipation of Mother's Day being just around the corner. That day brings up all kind of emotions for me. I'm actually still wrecked over the whole thing. 

It is still so real in my heart the years of pain and heartbreak that we walked through wondering if we would ever be parents after I experienced numerous miscarriages. Yet now my quiver is full, my house is bursting at the seems and all I can think of are the friends who are experiencing painfully long waits, others who are going through significant loss and the fact that being a mom is hands down, the hardest job I've ever faced.

This week I "held down the fort." It was crazy let me tell you, but for single moms or military spouses it was just another normal week (you are my HERO!) I barely kept it together. I decided to do an experiment where I wasn't going to remind the kids to clean up after themselves. In less than 24 hours the house was in complete chaos and I was about to have a nervous breakdown! 

After this little experiment I could barely breathe and I certainly couldn't focus on another child coming to tell me that "so and so hit me" or "so and so peed on the floor" or "so and so just spilled your coffee all over that notebook that you write in." I knew I was stressed while doing a mad dash to empty the dishwasher and I flipped a plate onto the floor and broke it. 

Keep it together, Sarah...keep it together!

I'm still not sure how we all survived in one piece until Sam returned. Saturday night the kids were in bed and Sam asked if I wanted to go out to a restaurant the next day with the kids for Mother's Day. 

I told him, "no, I'd rather fast."

Maybe that wasn't what he expected to hear...but that was all that came to mind. 

As he asked if there was anything else that I wanted to do, something else did come to mind. "Actually, a friend mentioned that the movie Moms' Night Out was really good and I'd like to go see myself...and have popcorn for lunch. Would that work?"

The next afternoon I found myself in a movie theater by myself asking, "where is the butter?"

Ya'll I laughed, I cried, I could relate so much and you can too if you have young children at home...or you once had young children at home...or if you've ever witnessed someone in public who has young children!

We all need grace.

moms' night out movie review

I get stressed, I have "moments", I love my children more than life itself, and I also am learning more and more that I need to put my air mask on first before assisting anyone else. If you go see the movie that whole paragraph will make complete sense to you...I promise. 

moms' night out

Whether you need a date night, a moms' night out or simply a few hours to sit alone in a should go see this movie!

What things have you experienced this week that make being a mom so hard or maybe so great?

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  1. I am organizing a mom's night out for a group of friends... We're going to go see this and enjoy every minute of it! I can't wait! (I just wish it was playing in our town. We'll have to drive 45 minutes to see it!)

    1. You are going to love it...totally worth the drive! :-)


  2. You know, there are two Mum's in my street that I would like to hang out with more - I think I might invite them for a night out (pun intended!). After deciding to homeschool our two children since Christmas there has been some major adjusting happening around here and I could use a laugh or three!

    1. That sounds like a great idea Catherine!


  3. Love those photos. I just love the realism of a "this is what it really looks like at my place sometimes" photo. Refreshing, reassuring and hilarious. Thanks Sarah - you've done it again - inspired me and made me laugh!! Tracey


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