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Organize Letters From Your Compassion International Child

organize letters from your compassion international child

Years ago, in the midst of waiting for a child to fill our home, we decided that there was something that we could do in the meantime. We decided to sponsor a child through Compassion International. It was simple to do online. We went to their sponsor a child tab and saw the many faces that were waiting to be sponsored. 

We chose to search for a girl, in Mexico. Immediately we noticed Laura, who was just a little bit older than the first baby that we loss. We were smitten and for over seven years now we have enjoyed receiving letters and pictures from her.

While my goal was always to write back to Laura right after receiving one of her letters, that hardly ever happened. Unfortunately, her letters usually sat in my "To Do" box until another one showed up a few months later.

sponsor a child through compassion international

Then once I wrote back to Laura, either online or by using the paper and envelope that compassion includes, I would file away the letters and pictures in a folder which were never really looked at again.

That has been my system for years.

compassion international

I really wanted to change up this system and create a way to write back more often and talk to the kids about this special little girl in our lives. I never dreamed that I would some day have a daughter that was almost the same age as Laura. Then I realized how fun it would be to create a new system so that our oldest daughter could have a pen-pal in Mexico. 

To create this system you'll need:

(1) Binder
(1) Package of Sheet Protectors
(1) Binder Clip
(1) "You've Got Mail" & "Ready To Mail" Sign (totally optional!)

binder and sheet protectors

Make sure you buy "sheet protectors." On my first trip to Target I accidentally bought the ones shown below which say that they are sheet protectors but then in bold below says, "sheet shielder." You DO NOT want these. You want the kind that you can slip papers & pictures into like the ones pictured above. 

The sheet protectors are great for tucking the letters and pictures into and then creating a chronological book by putting them all together.

compassion international in mexico

support a compassion international child

I've tried to keep a copy of any letters that we wrote Laura and tucked them into pages too. 

writing letters to your compassion international child

I created the flip sign for the front by simply printing off two different messages, putting them back to back and then laminating them. Now when a new letter comes in I can clip the sign to the front and set the binder out for our daughter to see.

You've Got Mail

When she is all done with the letter she can put it in the envelope, flip the sign over and put it on my desk for me to drop in the mail.

Ready to Mail

I'm hoping that this helps us write more often. My favorite part is that we now have a book to share with the kids as we talk about this special girl living in Mexico that we know. Yesterday, was Laura's eleventh birthday and all the kids had fun making her birthday cards to send...such a joy!

Do you support a child through Compassion International? What has been your system for keeping track of letters?

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  1. This is a great idea! I WILL be doing this!

  2. I love using binders to organize our letters from our kids! Curious, what center is your sponsored child at? My son and I went to Mexico in January and visited three centers, and we were able to visit with one of our sponsored kids. It was an amazing trip!

    1. Yvonne,

      That is so cool that you and your son got to visit Mexico and meet one of your sponsored kids! Laura is in the Yojuela Santo Student Center. Which parts of Mexico did you visit?


  3. This is a great idea! We just started sponsoring a little girl in India so it will be great to start with this system.

  4. I don't sponsor a child but I know several folks who do. They use a binder system as well. My one friend said she has a section called 'to read', 'to respond' then a section for each child with their name and country. What a great program. Compassion has a very large complex just a block from my office here on Voyager Drive in Colorado Springs! I pass the offices every day. Victoria


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