Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Organizing Colorful Eye Candy For Kids

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We are gearing up for summer break and that means having kid friendly activities on hand that the kids can easily access and indulge in. For our kids, beading is a favorite past time. From creating bracelets and necklaces to designing new perler bead creations (I have a love/hate relationship with perler beads right now...maybe some day I'll tell you about it). The kids are thrilled to bead and I am thrilled that they are thrilled. :-)

organizing colorful eye candy for kids

However, after two years of having one tub designated for beading stuff I decided to tweak a few things to make it a little bit more functional. Here are a few things I added and some things I've learned along the way.

organizing kids beads

Keeping things SIMPLE is key. Our bead tub is very kid friendly to tote around the house but that being the case it does have some cracks in it from the kids trying to stuff new containers of beads and half filled ones into it.

I also was getting anxiety knowing how many hundreds of beads were floating around on the bottom of the tub...some things are just inevitable and all I could picture was one of the kids tripping during transport.

organize kids beading for summer break

I decided to sort through the beads a little. I went with separating out the bracelet beads from the perler beads and calling it good...simple. (If this was my craft space I would separate everything by color but with small children at home I know that that endeavor is pointless.

I shopped the house and found some containers that weren't being used. These ended up working out great because they all have screw top or clasp lids. That way they are still kid friendly but they won't spill all over the main transport tub. (I found some red felt pieces at Walmart a while back that work great for having kids bead on top of tables.)

small containers to store beads

One of the containers I found were some plastic Ball storage jars to put the extra perler beads in. Without knowing it I filled five jars and the kids all thought that I had done it on purpose so they could each have one. It worked out great because they could all have their own cup close by while getting creative (however, one may or may not have spilled all over the dining room floor.)

mason jars to store beads

Now the tub is somewhat more put together and ready for a full summer. The only thing left is to restock the bracelet item on my shopping list as we speak!

an organized tub for kids beading supplies

For more tips on organizing craft spaces for kids check out this post!

Are your kids into beading? Have you found a simple and easy way to store them? 

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  1. Felt for beading! Simple, cheap and downright brilliant! You're a genius.

  2. I love how you keep things simple! Also that you embrace that our adult standards of "ideal" organization are just plain old pointless with children. (I get a bit hung up on that sometimes!) I also love how you have your paperback books stored horizontally in plastic totes. I have my daughter's stored on a book shelf vertically and let me tell you, I'm FOREVER picking them up/reorganizing them! Perhaps it's time to embrace that idea of kid friendly organization! lol Again, thanks for sharing your ideas.

    1. It has taken me a lot of time to adapt my adult standards to what works best with kids...a lot of moments where I feel completely frustrated which has then led to learning new ways. ;-) Simple is definitely key!


  3. I love your bead storage. I've been busy reorganizing our kids' craft supplies too. You're right, organizing for adults and organizing for kids is sometimes two very different things :)

    We've converted our upstairs playroom/storage room to a bedroom for our two older girls, so we've been purging and organizing to make room. We still have a long way to go. Thanks for the inspirational eye candy.

    1. Allyson,

      I hope the rearranging goes well...always a fun task, once you reach the finished product anyway. :-)



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