Friday, May 2, 2014

The Yellow Painted Doors

Yellow doors were never part of the original "plank the wall" plan but being flexible in design is what it's all about. The trim in our house was all painted white before we moved in but some areas were different shades than others and had strange cream and yellowish tones to them.

There was no real consistency so one of the things that we decided to do before putting the plank wall up was paint the trim since it would be almost impossible to paint it later. Getting the trim on the same page only emphasized the need to paint the doors too.

It is hard to notice the contrast in the before picture of our living room/entryway.

However, once we painted the trim a true white you can start to tell the difference when you see the non-painted doors next to it.

With all that was going on with the neutral walls bringing in a color on the door seemed like a good choice. However, I just wanted to get the project done and almost painted the doors the same color as the trim. I figured I could decide later to paint them a bolder color if I wanted to and picking out an accent color was the last thing that I wanted to do at the moment. That is when Sam said it would be silly to paint the doors twice and that I should just pick the color now.

Literally, I stopped to pick up paint swatches at Home Depot...had 30 minutes to decide...and then Sam picked up the paint as he was driving home.

We wanted to put a semi-gloss finish on the doors so that they could be cleaned easily. That being the case I knew that I wouldn't already have any paint on hand. So I narrowed down the bold color to be yellow and I used the similar method that I used when picking out gray color paint for our bathroom.

I taped up a bunch of yellows and started eliminating certain shades that looked too orange or too pale. I had decided that I wanted a pop of bright yellow. I will say back in high school I had a bad experience picking out a yellow to paint my bedroom. The color ended up being terrible but I had to live with it. It has always made me hesitant to pick out a yellow color again but since this was only for a door I decided to take a second chance with yellow.

Once I had some colors narrowed down I taped them together so that I could compare them next to the finishes on the wall...the white trim and plank wall.

I wasn't sure if I should go with a light yellow or go brighter but then I brought over another yellow item that I already knew I liked the shade of and compared that to the samples.

That sealed the deal and I decided to go with the second one down from the top, sun shower.

I put two coats on using a brush and a small foam roller. As I moved on to painting the other doors it seemed like it might be a little too much to do all three doors in yellow. I mixed it up a little by painting the basement door the same gray that I used when I made the striped curtains in the living room.

I kind of also liked that now if someone asks how to get downstairs we can say..."the gray door." :-)

And the answer to, "May I use your bathroom?" "Absolutely, it is the yellow door by the kitchen!"

Easy peasy!

Have you ever gone bold when painting interior doors? What do you think about yellow in decorating?

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  1. Yellow is one of my favourite colours. I love your yellow doors!

  2. I love Yellow!
    Good choice of keeping the basement door grey. I also like how your kitchen brick and hardware on cupboards goes with the brown tones in the plank wall. Good job!

  3. My mom painted her exterior doors a similar yellow. I like the contrast it has against the red brick of their house.

  4. I absolutely love it Sarah - I think the bright yellow is so fun and fresh against your amazing planked wall!


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