Wednesday, June 11, 2014

9 Reasons Why Mason Jars Are Worth Using As Drinking Glasses

A few weeks ago I shared a link to Lindsey's kitchen on my facebook page. Ya'll it is beautiful and you will especially LOVE her pictures at the end! :-) I fell hard for her vintage cup/drying rack that was on her kitchen island. Not too long after seeing her kitchen I found myself walking into World Market to pick one up. Does that ever happen to you after you read a blog post? 

Mason jars are so classic and versatile. (They are great to store kids' toothbrushes!) The overall look of this rack and cups is totally my style. It is that little vintage charm. 

a mason jar vintage kitchen rack

My husband was less than impressed.

"Why do we need more glasses," he asked?

"Well, I used my own spending I can buy whatever I want." Code for..."I have no justifiable reason why I bought this except that I liked it." (We each get $15 per month from the budget to use however we would like...thank you, Dave Ramsey.)

I think that is about the time that my husband raised his eyebrows, shrugged and walked away. You never have these kind of conversations with your spouse, right?

using mason jars for drinking

The truth is...we really don't need more glasses.

Exhibit A

mason jar glasses for the kitchen

That conversation went deeper than just talking about some mason jars. Our little two second conversation had me pulling out our glasses from the cupboard and deciding which ones were going to stay (because clearly we had too many glasses!)

By the end of it I had a whole handful of reasons why the mason jars were more practical and worth using.

9 reasons why mason jars are worth using as drinking glasses

  1. The kids can easily handle and access them when they eventually start switching over from using their plastic IKEA cups.
  2. Our glasses always come out of the dishwasher slightly wet so this way they can continue to air dry easily.
  3. They are cute.
  4. They can be mixed and matched and replaced inexpensively (most glasses in our house have a short life span regardless.)
  5. They can be used for drinking glasses and for storing things...or holding things..or preserving things.
  6. They are cute.
  7. When guests come over they can easily see and grab a glass and help themselves to a drink.
  8. We can start using these for potluck on Thursdays and not have to use foam cups as much (save the environment!)
  9. They are cute.
As much as I like and plan on keeping the mason jar rack, this conversation led to a quick glance around the house with questions going on in my head like why do we have two napkin holders and ten serving bowls and...etc.

I pulled up my sleeves and went to work downsizing. Our cupboards are already looking a lot lighter...but that my friends is a whole different post. Coming soon to a blog near you! :-)

How do you and your significant other resolve situations like this? What is the last thing that you bought for your home; was it completely functional or just plain cute? Do you have a favorite use for mason jars?

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