Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Modern Homework Station

A Modern Homework Station

This little station was birthed out of MANY missed homework projects last year. Why? Because we had no system for keeping track of the paper trails and what was due for whom and when. This mom ain't no fool (or English major) so I gave myself LOTS of time to complete this project for the coming fall. We are after all doubling our number of school aged kids next year: The "twins" are going to kindergarten. Ya'll there will be tears and joyous praise all at the same time! 

create your own homework station

Last year might have been a wash with getting the right school projects turned in on time but this year there is hope! I think the most important thing to remember is that any space in your home is a possibility when it comes to organization. This stairwell leads down to our basement. Who would have thought that one little ledge could be so helpful?

As always, keeping things simple is my goal. I wanted to create something that will be easy to maintain moving forward. I'm sure this space will need to change and adjust as the kids grow but for now with a soon to be preschooler, K, K, 3rd & 4th grader...the basics are covered. (Every parent should buy stock in Crayola upon confirmation of a little one on the way!)

I started by picking up five inexpensive clipboards from Target. I then used washi tape that I had on hand to distinguish whose clipboard was whose. (We did something similar with the color coding here.)

clipboards for homework station

I'm hoping to clip up all of the pertinent weekly updates that are sent home. And even though the clipboards will eventually get covered with papers we still tend to organize things from youngest to oldest so the kids will still be able to figure out which board is theirs when they are hanging. 

The idea behind the calendars is to have a place that is visible for both us and the kids to see when school assignments are due. I liked the idea of seeing two months out instead of simply having one month visible at a time. This will also be a great place to write down field trips or fun activities coming up for the kids. And just like our menu board this will give them a visual to know what to expect in the days ahead.  

create a homework station

A few clear file holders fit in the corner to corral extra paper. I put a folder out for each child to store any more long term papers that might be needed in the future. 

All of our pencils, markers & scissors fit on the shelf great.

The nice thing about this space is that it is also right next to where the kids' backpacks hang.

You still have months to consider what might work best for your situation. Here are a few tips or some things that you might want to keep in mind...

1) Keep Things Simple!
2) Create Solutions For Current Needs (You can always update a working system as your child grows.)
3) Look At Every Nook & Cranny As A Possibility For Utilizing Space
4) Go Vertical...the ceiling is the limit! ;-)
5) Make It might just be the motivation you need to keep it clean & organized.

A Modern Homework Station

How do you keep track of homework, kids' assignments and other related things? Do you have any stellar tips to share...feel free to comment below!

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  1. Awesome job! You make it look like that space was created for this homework station :)

  2. Ooooh, I like this a lot! What a great use of space!

  3. Absolutely Brilliant! I love it. I wish I had your eyes and creative mindset. I love seeing how you use a space, and it always looks so functional and cute- like it truly belonged there.

  4. Love it - you might also consider painting (or vinyl lettering) each child's name above their clipboard.

  5. This is really nice. I am a teacher and wish every parent would do this! Love all the details of color.

  6. I love this ! And pretty organized.your good to go with school year ! I am setting up mine soon



  7. Where did you get the calendars?

  8. love it! what a great way to keep the kids' organized! (stopping over from the iHeart Organizing party :))

  9. A stairwell used as a work station???? I gotta say I think that is one of the most brilliant ideas I have seen in a long time! Genius!

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks Michele, we are excited to start using it soon! :-)



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