Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Product I No Longer Recommend

I'm always talking about things that we use in our home or products that we have bought or tried on this blog. It just kind of naturally happens when you're talking about home stuff. Before I use a product there is usually need first and then I do a little research and use something recommended by sources I trust or I buy something that I see at the store that is reasonably priced. About 95% of the time the items have worked out great but occasionally I will come across an item that I'm not too keen on.

That being the case, I don't want anyone to come across an archived post and purchase a product that ultimately I wouldn't recommend anymore. So while taking the time to mention a past product(s) that I wasn't impressed with might seem less than helpful, for the sake of all readers I think it adds a huge value to this blog.

Naturally as our family grows and our family's needs change, we might update the way we do things and perhaps switch up the products that we use. However, if you don't come across a past post with an "*Update" in it, then rest assure it is still a product that we would recommend. 

Currently there is one small item that we purchased last Fall that instantly became a nuisance. In November we updated our main level bathroom. We couldn't be happier with the way the whole thing turned out! The sink, step stool and whole TWO kids washing hands at one time is still one of my favorite parts.

two kids washing hands at the same time

However, if you notice in the top picture there are some soap dispensers that I mentioned purchasing from Walmart. The problem: The tips were always falling off, getting misplaced and then getting pushed back on only to repeat the process shortly there after. 

broken soap dispensers

Perhaps they could have been super glued back on but I didn't try that because the space was so small and the tip to one of the bottles eventually got permanently lost. There has been a temporary stand in but I really missed having two soap pumps (and two matching ones at that.) Recently, I picked up another set of non-ceramic (plastic works great for kids!) soap dispensers from Target.

Let's see how these hold up with my crew.

modern soap dispensers from target

Fear not though, the previous soap dispenser is still good for something. ;-)

make a small vase out of old soap dispenser

Any product out there you have been less than happy with?

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  1. I love that you've updated your recommendation...super helpful!

  2. yes thank you for updating your recommendations and then showing us how we could use the product still!!!

  3. I love how you creatively still used the old bottles!

  4. I just ran across this post and we've had the same issue with Walmart soap dispensers! I guess I'll be sticking to Target from now on.


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