Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Organizing Measuring Cups & Spoons

I enjoy simple projects. I also enjoy implementing solutions to daily problems in our home.  

A few months ago I shared my "well thought out" organization process (slight sarcasm intended, but nonetheless problems existed.) In that post I mentioned a few of the problems that I face daily around the house. One of which was our measuring spoon drawer. 

I've never liked keeping the measuring spoons on those rings that they come with because then you have to either wash the whole set when you use one or take them off and on the ring every time. Inevitably my drawer consisted of many incomplete sets and I would go digging to find the one I needed...

every. single. time.

Searching for the 1/8 teaspoon was the's a tiny little bugger!

a messy kitchen drawers

I've seen lots of inspiration on Pinterest when it comes to fixing this problem. Many of which involved hanging your measuring cups on the back of a cupboard door. Months ago I picked up some new (and complete!) sets of measuring spoons and cups (for just a few dollars) from Walmart to complete this project. 

measuring spoons and cups

I've been stalling on this project because I thought that I needed some paint sticks to hang on the doors so that then I could put some screw hooks or nails up without having them ruin the doors. But that means making an extra trip to Home Depot and in this case, that wasn't simple. So while picking up a few things at Target I grabbed some Command Hooks. 

using command hooks in the kitchen

I came home, put away the groceries and in no time...the problem was solved!

hanging measuring spoons on the back of a cupboard door

organizing measuring cups and spoons

hang measuring cups and spoons on back of cupboard door

The command hooks were very easy to install. I even had to rearrange a few to make sure that the door would shut but since the package comes with extra adhesive it was no problem. This option shouldn't damage your cupboards, can easily be removed and the best part can find the exact size measuring cup you need when you need it!

hanging spoons in the kitchen

Now I just have to get used to the little jingle that now happens when I open up the cupboard door...I keep thinking that a dish is falling out. :-)

I also took Brenda's advice (when she commented here) and decided to store some of my previous measuring cups in some of the dry ingredients in our pantry. Thanks for the great advice Brenda!

organizing your pantry

How do you store measuring cups and spoons? Any other things around your house driving you nuts?

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  1. If I didn't have glass fronts, I would for sure do that! Very clever!

  2. I have done this too and its amazing! Clears out a whole drawer! But, I never thought to use random extra leftover measuring cups in my dry goods - thanks for mentioning that.

  3. I don't have a cupboard close to where I use them to do this but I will be filing this idea away for the future. Great idea to use the old ones in the dry goods - love that. I find it hard to part with them when they are still perfectly usable. At the moment, the one thing driving me nuts is how messy our kitchen seems to stay all day. I need to train up my peeps as I am the only one who seems to know how to put anything in the dishwasher... :) It frustrates me because our kitchen is smack bang in the middle of our house and where everyone ends up congregating. I get sick of feeling embarrassed about the mess. Well, I guess I know what I am doing tomorrow! Clean up and organise day!

  4. Your spoons and cups look great hanging inside your cabinet door. I may try this with my spoons. I feel very honored that you mentioned my idea!

    1. Brenda,

      My hope is that this blog is a place where community is built and many can share ideas and encourage one another...thanks again for sharing your idea with all of us. :-)


  5. Love it! I'm trying to figure out how to rig something on the door under my sink to hold my dish washing brushes. One of them holds soap and has to be stored brush end up....These little hooks have my wheels turning.

    1. Angela,

      They have so many sizes and options...I bet you could find something that would work! :-)


  6. I love that idea. Thumbs up.

  7. What a great idea! Just putting them right on a hook is super simple and then you don't how to fool with refitting the spoons back into one another

  8. great hooks thanks for sharing this post with us


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