Friday, July 18, 2014

Guest Room Refresh

For the next few weeks our guest room is booked. There is something special about sharing our home with others...especially when it means that we get to see friends that usually live miles away. This space in our home has certainly had the most transformations out of any other room in our house over the past two years.

When we first moved in we updated the basement and turned this nook into a fun space for our kids. Then a little over a year later we turned it into a bedroom for my parents. They lived with us for 10 months and then moved back east in April. The bed that we added to this space during that time used to be on our second floor in a small bedroom that we were using as our guest room. However, that room was turned into an office for Sam and a twin bed now occupies that office/spare room. Since he still uses that space regularly we decided to keep the bigger bed in the basement.

Since this space in the basement continues to get used as a guest room I wanted to do a little room refresh. Basically just look over the room with a fresh set of eyes and see if there was anything that should be removed or added to the room to make it more inviting and useful.

While I was doing my weekly grocery run I came across this door mirror at Aldi for less than $10.

The closest bathroom to this space is up a flight of stairs on our main level so I thought it might be nice for guests to have a mirror in the room.

Thankfully it only took me about 20 seconds to hang since it came with easy over the door tools required. 

I did a little dusting and put out a welcome sign with a few other decor items that I had in storage Those weights weren't in storage. I mean, I use them all of the time. Well, some of the time. OK, so I am wanting to use them more. I always think it is nice to have a box of tissues available in every room and there is also a small garbage can in this space.

We have an extra sound machine that the kids aren't using anymore so I tucked that under one of the shelves if someone prefers to use it.

We also saved our pack'n play for when little people are visiting which is tucked under the bed. I highly recommend to hang on to your pack'n play for visitors...that thing has come in handy so many times.

The bath towels are all kept on the second floor where the shower is. Since this space is open to our family room and kids are always roaming I try to keep the contents pretty basic.

I like the fact that it functions as an everyday space for us when guests aren't here (the kids and I walk through this space to get to the laundry baskets) and doesn't require any extra work to get it ready for overnight guests. Well, except maybe picking up a few toys and straightening out the bed that five kids might have jumped on when mommy wasn't looking.

Do you have any visitors staying over soon? What is your favorite part about opening up your home to others?

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  1. My mom is coming to stay in 2 weeks. I am headed to Aldi tomorrow to see if I can claim one of those mirrors for our guest room! Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Adrienne,

      Have a great time with your mom! :-)


  2. My in laws come at least twice a year. You have motivated me to spruce up our basement guest room.


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