Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Storing Shoes For A Family of Seven

It's always fun to re-visit past organization projects that we've done in the house and see if they are still working for our current family's needs or if they need to be tweaked a little. One set-up that we created over two years ago was our vertical mudroom. Also known as our "how to get the most bang for your buck when you don't have a mudroom to put seven people's shoes in" closet! 

End result...It has been working like a charm! I anticipate that in five years when our boys feet grow as big as their dads, we may have a problem. :-)

Until then, one thing that I did want to slightly adapt were the things being stored in the top of the shoe rack hanging behind the door. We use this space for flip flops but have also found the top section to be great for storing random things you might need when running out the door or other odds and ends.

Prior to the above photo the labels were attached using clothes pins. Totally adorable but completely impractical...because they always fell off. I re-evaluated the slots and took away a few items that we didn't use anymore. I then added in a few things that we do. 

Once I had my categories typed out, I printed them off, found some cute paper and double-sided tape and got to work.

I used my laminator to make it durable.

I also decided to staple the labels right on to the holder. This way they can still be easily removed down the road but also won't fall off every time the door opens. It's the little things really.

The labels are now so much more secure this way AND I can still find exactly what I am looking for. Perfect for pool days when I grab the beach towel basket from the upstairs closet and then toss the sunscreens in it from this one. I like keeping the sunscreen on the main level for times when the kids are just going outside to play too.

Now that the labels are updated we are good to go with this working system for another few years. 

Until the boys feet grow that is!

Storing Shoes For A Family of Seven

Do you have a favorite way to store on-the-go essentials? How is the shoe epidemic in your house going?

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  1. This is an awesome idea! I will keep this in mind for when we start a family (we won't be starting a family for a while, but when we do, I'd like for us to foster/adopt) :) Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Your family is beautiful.

    <3 Ash

    1. Thanks Ashley! Fostering to adopt is AWESOME! And now I have the LEGO movie song stuck in my head problems. ;-)


  2. I have a shoe problem around here too but our closets have bi-fold doors so I can't hang one of those awesome hangers on there. You have given me some ideas though. I love seeing how other people solve these problems!

  3. The shoes around here drive me nuts! But my kids' feet are so big, a hanging organizer wouldn't help for most of them :) We are using large bins in the garage and it works as long as the shoes make it into the bin! Visiting you from Thrifty Thursday :)

  4. Great job, love it. I like how you know things will change the bigger they get. Organizing is never a one time deal.

  5. This is such a great idea! I love how you had organized everything to fit the needs of your family and the way you utilized this closet. :) Everything looks so nice!


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