Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Life & A Touch of Green

Happy Fourth of July! How is your summer going? The weather here in Minnesota has been beautiful. That is one of the things that I thoroughly enjoy about this part of the country...summers here are awesome!

Each summer we have taken on some pretty big outdoor projects but this summer we aren't adding anything new. My one goal is to stain the playset and enjoy moments around the fire pit. One thing is for sure, I need to desperately squeeze in some outdoor weeding (exhibit A!) Hopefully that will get done after we get back from a week away at kids camp next week. Our oldest two are attending as campers. Our younger three will be tagging along with me at the camp grounds while we try to stay out of trouble. Thankfully daddy will be close by too as he joins the talented team of staff that pour into these kids each year. 

We actually just got back from spending a weekend at the same camp for family camp and had a blast. The miles on the van are racking up along with hopefully some life-long family memories.  

Since I am trying to avoid my outdoor plants until we return, I thought we could take a quick glance at some small changes in the house that involve plants I can't kill...and that don't grow weeds. :-)

I've always liked IKEA's artificial plants. I was recently window shopping there and spotted these that I thought were cute.) They seem to look less fake than normal fake plants...if that makes sense.

The white vases are from IKEA too. I found this seven decal from Shades of Light back when we changed out our dining room light

Even though some versions of their plants clearly look artificial, they still seem to have a fun, modern feel and weeding or watering!

Ever since the mason jar incident in the bathroom, I have been looking for another item to add a touch of color and life to the small space. I finally thought to grab an extra plant that wasn't being used. It goes well in the room even without using a ceramic vase and the bonus is that the base it comes with is plastic so no worries about this falling off and shattering like the last thing that occupied this space. 

And I guess that we do have a few plants that actually add to the oxygen levels in the house. The fern in our living room is my favorite...a $5 find at Aldi a few months ago. Oh the things you can find while doing your weekly grocery shopping. 

a fern

Do you have any summer projects you are trying to avoid? How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Any weeding on your to-do list?

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