Friday, August 15, 2014

Coffee From Around The World

Sam and I would love to travel the world some day! We have a passion to see the beauty of the different peoples and cultures around the world. Seeing a glimpse of what heaven is really like.

Combine our love for travel, passion for the world, enjoyment of coffee and delight in moments spent with cherished friends and we stumbled upon a unique souvenir, so to speak.

It all started last year when our friends Joel & Beth brought us back a bag of coffee from Ethiopia. We enjoyed every drop of that coffee and I couldn't quite part with the bag so I decided to fill it with stale beans from some previous decor and set it on our living room book shelves. 

One year later and our little collection of international coffee has grown significantly. 

Coffee from around the world

1) Our friends Eirik & Bethany are moving to Hawaii in a month (they are going to be so missed!) On one of their recent trips there they brought us back some Kona coffee to try. 
2) Another couple we know visited Hawaii too and brought back some Macadamia Brittle.
3) The first bag of coffee that started it all...from Ethiopia.
4) While on our ten year anniversary cruise we tracked down this bag of coffee to remind us of our trip. 
5) On our ninth anniversary trip to Seattle, friends of ours from college gave us this bag. I thought it was ironic that it was the anniversary blend. We also got to visit the very first Starbucks on that trip.
6) A one of a kind guy, Jake, recently traveled to Israel and brought us back some coffee. 
7) Our daughter's friend celebrated her birthday at Feed My Starving Children (what a great idea!) I grabbed a bag of coffee to remember the special celebration and such a great organization.
8) Finally some friends of ours sent us a bag of authentic...Turkish Delight! It went perfect with a cup of coffee and was delicious in every way.

This little collection was unexpected but I love that it captures our family so well. They say that you should fill your home with things that you enjoy...I completely agree.

The other days as friends were over we got to enjoy some fresh brewed coffee from don't get to do that every day. :-)

Do you collect certain souvenirs to remind you of your travels? Do you have any special collections in your home that help describe the people that live there?

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  1. We have lived in 3 different countries in the past 7 years and we like to purchase something for our home that we really love and keep to remind us. We have a large Buddha painting from a Thai artist (we lived in Malaysia and his work was featured at a gallery) and we purchased a leather sofa from Argentina when we lived in Uruguay (obviously these aren't the sort of mementoes you pop in your suitcase!). Not sure what our big thing for the US is going to be yet. My thrift store ironstone collection? My vintage blue mason jar collection? Hmmmm. My daughter collects key rings of all the places we visit and my son collects magnets. We put a big corkboard in our daughter's room to display hers and our son has a large magnetic board in his room. I love the idea of your collection! Such a great way to remember something (easier to store than a leather sofa too!).

  2. Catherine,

    It sounds like your family has had quite the travels! Thanks for sharing about your collections...what awesome memories. :-)



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