Friday, August 29, 2014

Privacy Film in El Bano

Last November we remodeled our main level bathroom. And since last November we have had a one of a kind "designer" curtain hanging in the window. It was designed and created by none other dad. 

Thriftiness and perfection all rolled into one stellar paper towel curtain! 

That's right, paper towel. :-)

When we remodeled the bathroom I liked the fresh, airy look of the new window and didn't want to close it off or darken it with shades or curtains. The only problem is that the bathroom window sits directly next to our patio table and street. 

No biggie.

Ok, big biggie.

The paper towel curtain has been our stand in until the weather warmed up outside. I had decided that I wanted to put some film on the window that would still let the light in but give us the privacy that we needed. No matter how hard I tried to make this bathroom inviting for our guests, without some privacy on the window I'm pretty sure no one would be wanting to use this space.

The reason why we held off on the project is because the temperature outside needs to be warm enough to secure the film successfully on the inside. I'll add in that we also ran into some major moisture problems with our new window this winter. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

That would be ice on the INSIDE of the window. To keep this post short I won't go into details but needless to say I'm not sure that my current solution to film the window will make it past this coming winter if this problem persists. Only time will tell.

To get going on this project I picked up a few supplies from Home Depot.

The window film came in a really large roll that gave me more than enough film for this single window. (Spoiler alert: I'm already considering filming another bathroom window upstairs because it turned out so great.) The kit was convenient because it had the tools and spray that I needed. However you could DIY the spray and use tools you already have at home if you didn't want to buy the kit. All of the supplies together cost me less than $30 and I am set to continue filming any and all windows that come in my path! (Sam will probably prevent me from taking it too far though...maybe.)

For step by step instructions I followed John & Sherry's super helpful post here

I would recommend two people working on this together. It goes quickly but can be quite frustrating to pull the film away from the backing and line it up and cut it with only one set of hands. Sam quickly came to my rescue as I was mid-project.

Also, having more than enough "extra" film on the sides only makes it harder to lay and cut. So you really only need an inch-ish, like mentioned in the above tutorial.

installing privacy film in the bathroom window

I was actually surprised at how much lighter the room was compared to before. The paper towel curtains were nice but this sunnier look has me thrilled that we completed the project.

adding privacy film in a bathroom window

Have you ever put privacy film on one of your windows or considered doing it? 

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  1. I have been wanting to add privacy film to the sidelights by our front door but just can't justify the spend right now. Also, if you work out how to stop the ice on the bottom of the windows in winter please tell me!! I thought I was doing something wrong because I am not 'native'. :( We had the worst ice this last winter and it drove me crazy.


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