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Styling Books by Color

Styling Books by Color

The other day I was cruising through my blog reader and read Kelly's fun post on storing actual BOOKS on bookshelves. (She is a smart one!) In her post she suggests grouping the books together by color. This creates a look that is "easier on your eyes, more organized and feels cleaner and simpler." ~Kelly

We have no shortage of books in this house (clearly my husband reads most of them) and I have been wishing that there was a way to make the shelves look a little more intentional without sacrificing the much needed storage space. 

After I saw Kelly's post I knew there was only one thing left to do...consult my husband on the change.

While Sam is usually willing to go along with my requests he was definitely having second thoughts on this one. Mainly because he often lends out these books and has them categorized by topic to make them easy to find.

He came up with the idea that I could take pictures of how the books were previously arranged and if the new system was a fiasco I could spend an afternoon putting them all back the way that they first were.
I quickly agreed!

Here is what we started with...

For the sake of a color coding fiasco I did take up close pictures of each shelf. 

Next I pulled everything off of the shelves and started stacking the books by color.

It was organizing heaven.

I pretty much used all of the existing books and decorations to create the new look and I must say that I love how it turned out!

This was definitely a fun transformation for not spending a dime and only needing time. And since I desperately needed to dust those shelves anyway it all kind of turned out in the end. 

Now as far as the agreement that I made with my husband, we have yet to see how that turns out. Although I was suggesting to him afterwards that from now on he could just tell me which book he is looking for and I will gladly volunteer to find it for him. A price I'm willing to pay instead of having to sort through all of those books again. Separating by colors was a cinch. However, putting them back the way they were originally, I'm guessing...not so much.

Do you have a lot of books on hand? How do you store them?

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  1. We are huge book readers and our books are all organized your original way. I do have them then sorted by size so that they aren't high, low, high low. I don't think I could swap out to a color scheme even if it was more eye pleasing. :)

    1. Keturah,

      I bet if I was more of a reader I would organize them like you do and throw the whole eye pleasing thing out the window. Function usually trumps beauty for me, in most cases anyway. :-)


  2. We have 2 separate areas for books (although neither of our spaces are openly visible):
    1. kids books - stored in the shelves of the closet in their playroom
    They are organized in baskets by reading level.

    2. all other books (fiction, non-fiction, reference, etc.) - we have a bookcase in a storage closet
    books are separated by genre, but some are stacked horizontal & others are vertical for interest/differential/by author, etc.

    I usually keep 1 or 2 books that I'm currently reading on my nightstand (I still prefer physical books most of the time), and hubby mostly uses his Kindle now.

  3. Haha, glad I'm not the only one who organizes books by color. I did it last year when I redid my living room, and I LOVE it! It makes things look so much calmer. I have a visual memory, so I remember the books I have by color anyway, so I am able to find things. Even if my friends tease that I have color-OCD!.

  4. I organize books by color too ;) your shelves look awesome!

  5. I used to shelve books at a library, and for books in a large series it was always fun to organize them by color instead of order! I'm sure the library patrons hated that but it was fun for us! I love the way your shelves turned out!

  6. I have done some by color, but this is very well done and organized, love it!

    Marie @ In Our Happy Place


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