Monday, August 25, 2014

Why I'm Celebrating My First "First Day of Kindergarten"

It seems unlikely that I've never sent a child to their first day of kindergarten given the fact that this fall we have one child going into 4th grade, one going into 3rd and TWO going into kindergarten. However, two and a half years ago our three oldest children came to live with us and school was in full swing. I was "initiated," so to speak, into what it's like to have kids in school without ever getting to start at the beginning. Kind of like jumping into a game that's already going without knowing all the rules...which led to some funny stories

Now we are gearing up for "back to school" and for the very first time we are sending not one but two children to kindergarten. Just making sure that they are all clothed, supplied and prepped for this experience has taken its toll. I've tried to make it a pleasant experience and yet my house is layered with school supplies and I only have a few hours to track down extra pillows and blankets to send along with these cute kindergarteners.

Can I be honest? Two and a half years ago when our family grew I saw this as a major milestone that was a "long way off." The thought of having our "twins" begin school seemed so far away that I wondered if we would all make it there alive!  :-)

Right before this picture was taken our family consisted of a one and almost three year old. At that point I thought parenting toddlers was a mystery. Did I have any clue what it would be like for two three year olds to become siblings? That is one giant, NO! That first year following our adoption was not only difficult but life transforming. I was determined to not just survive but to thrive! Sometimes thriving looked like everyone brushing their teeth that day or going 10 minutes without breaking up an argument instead of 5.

Now these two are off to kindergarten today. As in right now, this present moment, this is the DAY!

Ya'll...WE ARE GOING TO CELEBRATE! As in mom planned out a new recipe to cook tonight (something that hasn't happened in 2.5 years...I kid you not!) and there are treats in the freezer. 

I know that there will be tears as I get ready to walk them into school for the first time. I'm sure they will be fine...I will be the one crying! They couldn't be more excited about what is to come. 

Perhaps some of you find yourselves in the same boat this year. You are packing up your babies and sending them off into the great big world.

Here is why I think we should ALL celebrate!

1) We survived those crazy, middle of the night/how do I do this?/everything is new/I haven't slept in months infant years. I still remember typing the words "small, crusty flakes on infants head...cancer?" into google late one night. No one had ever mentioned the words "cradle cap" to me before.

2) Those terrible ROCKED them! So much so that you vaguely remember what took place during that crazy year. If you were like me, you sat your child down on the potty on their second birthday and declared TODAY IS THE DAY THAT YOU WILL BE POTTY TRAINED! Only to give up 1.2 days later when you decided that the whole when they are ready method sounded completely and utterly delightful.

3) Your darling made it to age 3 and you have taught them well, trained them in vast knowledge and truth. At this point they may be potty trained or they may don't really care. Instead you run after your fearless little one where every interaction is a teachable moment. You've also discovered that while no longer having to buy diapers seemed like gaining an extra paycheck each month, you now feel slightly disappointed that your date nights still include red box and microwave popcorn due to the rising cost of pull-ups for the overnights.

4) Year 4...preschool! You get to take a shower again. Year 4.3...the lady at the grocery store tells you to enjoy every moment and you smile and nod and learn how to be polite in ALL circumstances. Year see an old picture on facebook of your little darlings and can't believe how quickly the time has gone. Year 4.7 you start brainstorming how you can freeze this moment in time and keep them little forever. Year 4.9 you start counting down the months until you launch them into the world. Year 4.95 you count down the weeks. Year 4.98 you count down the hours.

5) Then they are five and you can't believe how big they have gotten! You cry and cry and cry and feel like you started all the way back at the beginning again. Only this time you are stepping into new territory. You begin asking a whole new set of questions and experiencing a whole set of new unknowns. My only advice is to make sure you have the school's phone number on speed dial.

Let's celebrate! You SURVIVED, ROCKED, TAUGHT, ENJOYED and LAUNCHED a human being into this very moment! Embrace it with every single emotion that it brings. You have done well, dear have done WELL!

The BEST is yet to come!


  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone!
    I can so relate to 'Year 4.7 you start brainstorming how you can freeze this moment in time and keep them little forever'....that's exactly how I've been feeling for the last few weeks.
    Always warms my heart to read your posts. Love your blog!

    1. Thanks Belinda, keep me posted if you discover a way to freeze this moment. :-)


  2. Ah, I have one going into 7th grade and the other going into 3rd grade in a week. Waaaaahhhhh!!!! How do they get so big so quickly??? I am feeling for you!


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