Friday, September 19, 2014

4 Things I've Found When Decorating For Fall

Fall is my favorite season. 

It is inviting in every way. 

The weather gets cooler and beckons you to come inside for warm drinks but still "leaves" time (like how I did that?) for walks in the park or playing in those crisp fallen leaves. 

I remember last year when I went shopping for a few new decor pieces for fall and put up a new banner. This year I used what I had. 

I grabbed a little more glue to repair the sign and spent some time dusting, bringing things up from the basement and rearranging. It was more important to me this year to use what I had than to add more stuff into the mix. There are just so many things that I am trying to get rid of these makes me re-think the things that I think we "need."

Fall is a pretty beautiful season all on its own.

Can you tell that my kids have been playing with the decorations. :-)

I guess I did add one new item into the mix. I found a sign at Gordmans that is be.YOU.tiful.

Quite literally

I've had it in a closet to use in the girl's room but haven't gotten around to working on their room yet. So I snagged it to put on the piano for the time being. 

The kids have been trying to beat the squirrels to all of the nuts in our neighbor's yard. I told them to leave some for the poor squirrels and to grab me a few. 

Sam has mentioned numerous times to me before about my constant use of ellipses in my writing. I just couldn't resist. ;-)

I brought this vintage camera back from Sam's grandparent's house. They are truly the kindest people you will ever meet. 

We are ready for days of no a/c or furnace and just a warm cup of tea.

Even the kids are getting into this wonderful season.

Here are some things I've found I like to do when decorating for the fall:

1. Keep things simple and around the theme.
2. Use what I already have.
3. Bring as much of nature inside as possible.
4. Throw some eclectic or vintage things in there to spice things up.

It is going to be a glorious season...

Do you like to change out decorations for fall or other special occasions? What are some things you find helpful?

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  1. I like decorating for some things but don't go all out with total decorating switch outs season to season. I am trying to declutter our home and simplify and loads of decorations are starting to feel a bit too much. I much prefer just the odd 'nod' to the season/holiday like a vase full of fall branches on the dining table and so on (little touches like you have done). None of this attitude applies come Christmas however! Then it is a regular little Santa village explosion around here. :)


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