Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A "Date Night" Themed Bridal Shower

When it comes to getting organized for a party I try to take a few things into consideration.

What do we have? 

What do we need? 

How can we keep it simple?

Over the summer a few friends and I got together to throw a shower for our friend, Amanda. It was a bridal shower, however it took place after the wedding because of busy summer schedules. So would that make it a "wifey" shower? ;-) 

With the unique shower we came up with a unique and fun theme. What cuter theme than "date night?" I could totally picture this cute couple sipping shakes at a little bistro cafe...

The coffee was brewed.

We decided to serve ice cream sundaes. I'm telling ya, those mason versatile. (My list of reasons keeps growing and growing with each passing week.) ;-)

I picked up a few things from the party section at Target. 

A few pink straws...

this adorable paper ice cream cone...

I'm totally planning on reusing that some day!

We decorated with a few streamers and a festive paper garland. 

Mid-way through the night a version of the newlywed game was played. Four couples took part. It was so much fun watching. The husbands had all given their answers prior to the party since they weren't present. There was so much laughter, it was a hit!

Because of the theme we decided to shower Amanda & Karl with a bunch of fun date night options. Guests brought a gift card to a favorite restaurant, theater, or ice cream shop and we put them all together in a date night box filled with some extra goodies. 

I also grabbed some things from the kitchen to put out as decor and continue our theme. 

Popcorn anyone?

It was a precious time together and well worth the time spent getting prepared for the special night. 

What are some fun or unique showers that you have been to before? 

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  1. What an amazing idea. I think this would be so much fun to do for an anniversary party too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the theme. So much more practical than 15 sets of lingerie :) but still super fun. We're starting to think about a surprise party for my parents' 40th anniversary next summer. The date night gift cards would be fun since my parents don't really need much.

  3. How very sweet of you! Love the date night idea. :)

  4. what a great idea for a bridal shower!! how cool. and i am still so in love with your coffee bar ;)

  5. Can you share your date night bridal shower invite. I'm trying to work on the wording for the invite itself.

    1. I sent out an email invite explaining that we were doing a bridal shower with the theme, "Date Night." It had all of the information of when, where, etc. Then I also added this little blurp explaining the basket...

      Instead of bringing gifts from her registry we thought it would be fun to create a date night basket for the couple that will provide them with date night options for months to come. Feel free to bring a gift card from your favorite restaurant or theater that we can include in the basket that will also be stocked with some popcorn and fun treats.



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