Monday, September 29, 2014

Finding Time For Abnormal Tasks

Blogging is probably one of my favorite things to do. I also like staying up late watching Netflix with my husband, talking to my sister on the phone and chatting with friends over coffee...just to name a few.

Among all of the things that I enjoy, life seems to keep happening. I've noticed that life doesn't slow down for anyone and the words simple, balance and present are words that flood through my mind on a daily basis.

Every day normal things happen like getting the kids off to school and abnormal things occur like having to replace the hot water heater.

Most abnormal occurrences mean that additional tasks are created like needing to fill out a rebate form for the hot water heater... something that is still sitting on my desk. I also may or may not still have the kids' first day of school surveys sitting on my desk as well. They are 90% of the way filled out. I am determined to measure their height before they head off to school today...or tomorrow.

Life happens and it doesn't slow down for anyone. How we choose to live it though...that is completely up to us. As I thought of all of the things I could blog about this week it occurred to me that being present at home and taking care of the abnormal things of life that have come up was what I needed to do.  

Being present where I am at (and working through the clutter of the abnormal) will leave more space in my mind to do all of the things that I love...the following week.

I'm planning on hitting the "reset" button on my To Do list this to speak. 


This week I'll be stepping away from the computer and filling out a rebate form among a list of other tasks that have been building up. While I normally try to inspire you with thoughts or tips that we are learning along the way...this week I hope to inspire you by the ones that I'm not sharing. 

None of us can "do it all" least I know I can't. 

Clearing out the abnormal tasks helps my mind to be clear so that I can truly be present for all of the normal ones that I cherish.

I look forward to being with you again next Monday. Have a great week!

Are there abnormal things in your life that you need to attend to so that you can flourish and thrive in your normal every day life? What intentional decisions would you have to make to find time for the abnormal? What helps you deal with the normal and abnormal things that pile up?


  1. I find each week has its very own abnormal tasks. The myth of Sisyphus springs to mind LOL. I think there is no normal - just weeks when I'm better at juggling, and weeks when I drop a few balls, and hope nobody notices! Apologizing well is an important skill ;) Evelyn

    1. Evelyn,

      It is so true that abnormal tasks occur weekly. In my own life I am learning that margin is needed so that there is room to address them...or at least juggle them successfully. :-)


  2. I need that sort of week too! I have a mounting pile of undone tasks that need doing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. The abnormal tasks are what get me. Even with six kids at home, if nothing comes up I can get everything crossed off my list most days. But then we have two doctor's appointments in one week or I need to make a new menu for our restaurant or I need to go through and pull out winter clothes (the current abnormal) and i get completely behind on the normal everyday tasks (typically laundry and cleaning the house).

    I've found that for right now I just need help for the abnormal. So I humble myself and call my Mom, sister, or a friend to come and "help a mother out". I know this is only for a season when the kids need me all the time. Someday I want to be able to be the one being called to come over and help. And who knows maybe I'll be able to take my then 6 big kids over to entertain someone else's children.

    1. Allyson,

      You are definitely right that those abnormal tasks throw such a wrench into getting normal routine tasks done. I'm glad that you have been able to ask for help...asking for help is never easy but so worth it. And I love that you want to be the one that helps others in the future too! We can learn so much from the situations that we are in which also drive us to help others in similar situations.



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