Friday, September 26, 2014

Let There Be Light!

For a while now the lamp on my nightstand has been broken. After putting a new light bulb in it I realized that the wire must have shorted out...something about the constant flickering that occurred after the new bulb was put in and the fact that it wouldn't stay on clued me into that (I am a smart one)

Given the broken lamp situation I started checking out other lamps while I've been out and about.

The only problem is well, these...

1) If I change out one lamp then I need to change out both of them. Something about the way my mind works and how it appreciates symmetry in certain circumstances. (I totally googled "simitry" to figure out how to spell it correctly. I knew something didn't look quite right.) 

2) Lamps aren't cheap and by needing to buy two that could leave me using up anywhere from $40 - $80 of my monthly Decor/DIY budget

3) I couldn't find anything that I liked better than what I already had. 

That is when the lightbulb finally went off in my head. Just replace one of the lamps from IKEA with the exact same one! However my logic was trying to tell me that the lamp wasn't very good quality since it had only lasted two was "cheap." This is your opportunity to switch it out buy something buy something of better quality. 

After all...that lamp is cheap.

The debate went back and forth in my head. It felt like I had a little person standing on each shoulder.  

This is just plain silly, I thought. Make a decision already.

And that is when I headed to IKEA one morning for an impromptu outing with a friend. I could only laugh when I found the lamp and saw the price tag. I couldn't remember how much I had paid for these so I was hoping that it would be reasonable. 

It was $7.99! I remembered exactly why I liked it in the first place...because it was so CHEAP! 

I can now tell you that after months of only having one working lamp we now have TWO working lamps and it is glorious

ikea lamps

Have you ever waited months to replace something because you couldn't decide what to do? 

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