Friday, September 12, 2014

Storing Potatoes & Onions

A little over a week ago some friends moved in with us. They are looking to possibly buy a house in the area and we remember all too well how difficult (and exciting!) it can be to be looking for a house.  

We've told our friends that no matter what the time frame is...we are thrilled to have them in our home. It doesn't hurt that they also brought their adorable three month old baby along. 

I mean really, how are they ever going to say no to this little guy?!? :-)

We rearranged our basement family room again to make the space more comfortable for them. It went from this layout, back to this. Only instead of a brown chair there is now a pack 'n play for mr. adorable.

Along with changes like this came conversations on how to coordinate both of our families schedules and meal times. There is 1 kitchen and 10 people. Oh and 2 of our 4 burners are currently not working...easy, peasy.

With all factors considered, we decided to take turns preparing evening meals. Five nights a week I'll cook and then two nights a week they will cook for all of us. Indian food is their specialty and Lord have mercy, it is GOOD! (We might sabotage their whole house hunting experience if given the opportunity.) 

I cleared out a cupboard for them to use for food storage and we have two refrigerators available between the one in the kitchen and our retro one in the basement. (We are hoping to update the retro one to something more energy efficient soon.)

As I was sorting through things and clearing out cupboards it was obvious to me that I've never really had a good place to store potatoes & onions. Since we don't have a traditional pantry, they always seem to get shoved under a random cabinet and then I find them rotting weeks later, because, well...I forgot about them. 

Imagine my excitement to walk into World Market and see this. I was even more excited when I got home and saw that there was already a heavy duty hook hanging from the ceiling that the previous owner had installed.

Now we can have one community space for potatoes & onions.  

Not to mention that it is super cute and creates the illusion that I actually like to cook. Ha! Who knew a hanging basket could help me out so much? :-)

How do you store potatoes & onions? 


  1. So very welcoming! And mmm, Indian food. I had bhindi masala yesterday for lunch.

    PS: Retro fridges were typically very energy efficient until the mid-60s with the advent of the auto-defrost. I recently put in a Monitor Top fridge (ca. 1934), so I learned a lot about vintage fridges. Here's some fantastic research on the subject:

    1. Interesting, I can't wait to check it out! Thanks for letting me know. It must be some other appliance that is causing our electrical bill to be so high. :-)



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