Monday, September 22, 2014

Why Adoption Is Like Sweet Martha's Cookies?

Have you ever heard rave reviews about something, and then you think...

"What is all of the fuss about?" 

"I'll believe it when I try it."

I felt that way about Sweet Martha's cookies from the Minnesota State Fair.

A few weeks ago our family was able to attend the great Minnesota get together when our daughter won some free tickets at the library and our neighbor gave us a few more. The cost alone to get into the fair for our family of seven would have hindered us from going if it weren't for receiving those free tickets. 

Once we were in we decided to try a variety of foods and split them among the kids. That way we could all try various things. One $6 order of cheese curds resulted in everyone in our family getting 2.5 pieces each (at least they got a taste.)

One of the highlights of going to the state fair is getting to experience some of the various foods. 

The kids kept asking for the cookies. I had heard so many people mention how great Sweet Martha's cookies were. Admittedly, I was a skeptic.

They are just chocolate chip can have those at home. What is all of the fuss about? 

At this point the kids were still hungry...those 2.5 cheese curds and four bites each of a turkey leg (it was like feeding little birds as they surrounded me and I pulled off little pieces) wasn't filling their little tummies. So upon their request we found Sweet Martha's Cookie stand and ordered a bucket of cookies.

The kids watched at the window with excitement. A fresh batch of cookies came right off of the hot cookie sheet. They piled that bucket so high that cookies were about to tumble to the ground if it we didn't balance it just right.

sweet martha's cookies

We scooted away from the window with just enough space that the kids could quickly dig in. The cookies just about melted in your mouth, they were so fresh. 

The goal was to get the cookies down enough to be able to put the lid on and save the rest for home. Three cookies each to successfully complete that task and the kids were covered in chocolate with beaming smiles on their faces!

I remember thinking to myself, "wow, these really are deliciously, warm and gooey cookies."

As I looked back at my Sweet Martha experience I realized that adoption can be just like these amazing cookies. I feel excited & compelled to tell the world just how wonderful adoption is. It has been such an incredible experience for our family. However, just like everyone told me how great Sweet Martha's cookies wasn't until I tried them that I really knew. 

Have you considered taking those next steps?

Soon I'll share some ways that you can find out more information about adoption, if it is something that you have been considering.

Now if only Sweet Martha's cookies were available with Amazon Prime. :-)


  1. <3 I love that you are an advocate for adoption and can relate to your food at the fair. At silver dollar city we bought one funnel cake for all of us to share. To a stranger from a normal sized family, I'm sure it looked strange, but it's how we get to experience life an still survive. And it keeps us all from getting too much junk, lol.

    1. Angela,

      It is funny how the bites might be few when sharing but each one seems to be SO savory. And you are right, it limits the quantities that we eat. :-)



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