Friday, October 31, 2014

An Inviting Home In San Francisco

I recently read a book that cut me to the core. Our family desires to "live on mission" yet many times I get too focused on cleaning the house or planning dinner or what activity I have to take my kids to next. I'm not saying that those things aren't important but they aren't the most important thing.

This book was an amazing reminder to live life with eternity in mind.

The focus of the book is on marriage and Francis & Lisa Chan share a glimpse of how marriage can thrive when when we focus on eternity.

My heart was deeply challenged and I am excited to share in the future some things that were laid on my heart in the process.

Their goal is to raise 5 million dollars from the sales of their book, "You and Me Forever." 100% of the net profits of the book go towards feeding the hungry, freeing women from prostitution and spreading the gospel to unreached places. You can order the book here. It is also available in pdf form here for anyone who is not able to afford it.

I was challenged even more after watching this video...enjoy.


  1. Yeah, this book is on our reading list too! I can't believe you already read it, since it just came out. :) Have you seen the fun rap music video the Chan's did related to the book?

    1. Candace,

      It is a great read, you are going to like it! Apparently if the right book gets in my hands I can be a really dedicated reader. ;-) I'm going to go check out that rap video now... :-)



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