Monday, October 6, 2014

My Calling As A Party Planner

With all of the extra time I had last week for abnormal tasks I planned and executed a pretty amazing birthday bash for our boys. 

It was perfect. 

If you have a soon to be 6 or 9 year old boy then you are definitely going to pin will be overwhelmed with inspiration! ;-)

The boys both have birthdays in October and last year we threw them a joint birthday party. It went so well (killed two birds with one stone) that this year they decided (we convinced them) to do another joint party. 

We sent homemade invitations to school.

Homemade as in, I used WORD to type out some quick details and mass produce them. For once my printer didn't jam up minutes before the boys headed to was a Christmas miracle.

The boys invited all of the boys in their class...and their families. Now granted I had no idea how many boys were in their class but we are all about including everyone so I sent in plenty of invites and told them to just bring all of the extras home. After all, the plan was to watch a movie in the backyard so including the masses seemed like a great idea. This way we might actually get a chance to meet other families from school too.

The boys each came home with one extra invite. 

I began to freak out realizing what I had done. 

That means 26 boys were invited AND their families!

I of course watched the weather like a hawk! 

OF COURSE it was raining all week and temps are dropping...why did I expect anything else? We do after all live in Minnesota. 

So we went to plan B and moved the party inside. (There never was an official plan B but this is how it turned out.) Since I knew you would be thoroughly impressed with all of my attention to details and inspiring party decor I couldn't even think of not blogging about this experience. 

After last years experience with no balloons I decided to ease myself back into them and stopped into the dollar store for a $3 cluster. This way I could tie them on the railing by the front door to alert families of our location and still assure myself that I wasn't going overboard. 

In one brilliant move I told the kids that they should create some "decor for the party." It was a LEGO themed party...perfection! This also gave the five kids who were JUMPING OFF THE WALL IN EXCITEMENT something to work on before the party I said, brilliant.

Now with essentially two parties happening inside we decided to send one group down to the basement and set up the projector (that was salvaged out of a dumpster) in the living room for the other group.


Not so fancy.

With a double feature happening, this also meant that we had to stop at Redbox hours prior to the party to pick up a second copy of the LEGO movie. 

We served unique beverages...

and gourmet food. 

I went to my go to place for beautiful (read: easy & affordable) cakes. Sam's Club it is. They didn't have a LEGO cake option. It crossed my mind for about four seconds that I could make one...then I decided that was just crazy and went with the next best thing...SUPER MARIO! has LEGO colors...same thing.

Everything went great!

Every detail was planned, organized and executed. I even carried the coffee table out to the garage in a moment of desperation to ensure that we had plenty of room.

We had a blast with those that were able to make it...true statement. There was absolutely no chaos or clocks crashing to the ground by the overwhelming movement of children...false statement.

By the end of the night the house reminded me of a party scene in a movie where the parents come home unexpectedly to find the kids partying.

Only in this version I promise that parents were present AT ALL TIMES.

By the last goodbyes we crashed. The next morning we hauled out all of the trash.

It was a success because the kids had a fun time with their friends. :-)

It went so well I'm considering going into the party planning business.

OK, totally NOT doing that!

All joking aside. I stressed about the party all week long. I actually swept the house before everyone arrived (what was I thinking?), I cleaned the house and forced myself to keep things simple. Even in what I thought was a simple party plan, I was overwhelmed because it's not something that comes naturally.

I fought through some insecurities, determined to simply be present and then cried from exhaustion by the end of the weekend.

I did have one mission from this whole thing...

I wanted to be present with the boys and watch their faces light up every step of the way.

Happy birthday sweet are two of the best things that ever happened to us.

How do you like to celebrate birthdays? Any memorable ones?


  1. Sarah, I'm totally pinning your ideas. Know why? Cause you WERE totally present and did this for the boys, not to impress somebody else. Thank you for the glimpse into your way of celebrating. Happy birthday to your boys!!!
    Anita (British Columbia)

  2. I love it. I have learned that we have to be flexible when it comes to kids parties. Looks like you created a great memory for those boys and your whole family. All that Pinterest stuff gets me too stressed out.


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