Monday, November 24, 2014

A Thankful Heart Always Wins

A Thankful Heart Always Wins

Every week I head to the grocery store with my list in tow on my phone.

I think, "I hope that I haven't forgotten anything and that I remembered to add everything to my list."

I glance at the shelves seeking the things that I need and trying to get some extra ideas for something new to try. 

One by one things start to go in the cart. Then I get to the check out line. 

One by one things come out and are placed onto the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is full and I glance up to see the woman in front of me who walks out with ease with a bag in each hand. 

One by one the items are placed in bags and loaded back into the cart. I push the cart through the snowy mush barely able to get it from point A to point B. Pushing grocery carts outdoors in Minnesota can feel like an Olympic sport. 

One by one the bags are placed into the back of the van. I have a moment to catch my breath. I think of how my husband probably thinks I'm enjoying the alone time. Just as the van is warming up I pull into the driveway.

One by one I carry the grocery bags from the driveway into the house. The wind blows, the cold is undeniable and I step carefully so that I don't end up on the ground with the many gallons of milk in tow.

Thankful for grocery shopping

This past week I was bringing bags into the house after my normal grocery run and I thought to myself, I despise grocery shopping. 

Despise it.

food for our family

And then like a flash of lightening it hit me. I'm complaining about grocery shopping. About having a vehicle to drive to the store, the ability to get everything I need at one place, money to pay for it all, two functioning arms to carry it all into the house and a working refrigerator to hold it.

Ugh, this heart. The words that come out of my mouth. The complaining that so easily flows out of my mouth. It came crashing to the surface.

I began thinking of the mommas who don't have enough food to feed their family. 

The orphans starving to death in Africa. (The other day my three year old said, "mom, I am STAAARVING!" I said, "no you aren't." He said, "Oh, what does that mean?")

The woman who walks miles and miles to shop at various markets to pick and choose the few items that she carries back home.

And just like that, I whispered, "God, thank you for food."

And one by one I started thanking Him for the milk and the bread and the bananas. (The bananas that I can't seem to buy enough of before my crew devours them.)

God, thank you.

It is so evident how ungrateful my heart can be. Yet I am slowly learning, a thankful heart always wins.

What do you find yourself saying thank you for during this season?

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  1. I have moments like this too! I'm not fond of the grocery shopping trek as a whole, but I have the choice to purchase what I need, a way to get it home and a place to keep it, make it, and eat it. It's the simple things we often take for granted that we should be thankful for, as well as the big things. Just this weekend we were stuck on I-5 for a good half an hour because of an accident. I was frustrated at first, and then realized that I am so thankful that it wasn't us in an accident, that we are intact, and mostly healthy people.

  2. Oh my goodness I needed this today. This month has been a tough one for our family, and too often I find myself grumbling and complaining. Thank you for the reminder that I am blessed beyond belief, and no matter what my immediate circumstances, it is still true.

  3. Thank you so much for this post today!!! I HATE grocery shopping, especially when taking kids along! Seriously, its the most stressful thing of my week! This is such a great reminder. I am going to go grocery shoppjng today and be grateful. Grateful to have money for food, grateful to drive there and back in sunshine, and grateful to have my kids with me. Thank you so much!!


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