Monday, November 17, 2014

"Are You That Blogger???"

Two years ago on November 17th, 2012, I hit publish for the very first time. 

Wow, time flies. 

I hardly knew anything about "blogging," just enough to type out some words and upload a few pictures.

I had one goal; sharing our adoption story with others to bring hope into their situations.  

Well, make that two goals, I also wanted to stay sane through my thirties. Hence all of the posts on parenting, organization and bringing beauty into the home that we eat, live and breath in.

This mom job, BEST job I've ever had. 

This mom job, TOUGHEST job I've ever had

Things were SO good but I needed to process life and I found that the best way to do that for me was through blogging.

So I took to writing a little each week sharing about the mundane, basic household chores, my heart for adoption, my insecurities as a mom...and a few people started reading. Then a few more people started reading. 

I felt the need to become "more professional" at blogging. I researched how to do all the right things. However in the end, it just wasn't me. "Me" was simply sharing my heart. "Me" was spending more time with my family and keeping all of the challenges we face real. Like how to decorate on a budget. I realized that I needed to throw off any pressure or expectations (from myself) to be anything that just wasn't me.

I've tried to be frank about most things, yet behind this screen sit five little faces that are going to grow up and read this blog some day. I want this blog to be a treasure for them. Not because it contains a few cute pictures of them during their childhood but because it tells the story of a woman who became a wife and then a mom all while pursuing learning & reaching out to others along the way. hard.

Being a hard. hard. so good!

Over the last several years I've discovered that my core values are authenticity, integrity, generosity, & compassion. Through the way God has created me I long to encourage others who are in the thick of it, who have lost hope, or who maybe just need to be reminded to go grab that cup of coffee that they have re-heated four times and is still sitting in the microwave. 

Most days I'm that last one!

When more readers started coming to the blog it occurred to me that I've mentioned that I live in Minneapolis. I wondered if one day I would be out in public and someone would "recognize me"...would it feel like being a superstar? Then I would return to reality, remember that there aren't that many people reading the blog, and then continue on my way shopping at Target in yoga pants with no make-up on. 

Then it happened.

I was coming home late one night from an essential oils class with my friend Ginna and I asked her if we could stop in Target real quick. Why? I'll tell you in a minute.

As I was checking out, the woman behind me said, "Are you that blogger?!?" 

I was certain that she must have me confused with someone else (this isn't actually happening, right?!?)

And then she mentioned the local blog meet-up and how she had wished that she could have been there. That is when I realized she really did read An Inviting Home. We chatted for a minute, her name was Nicole. She was so sweet, I wanted to invite her over for coffee and hear all about her life. She mentioned something that meant the world to me, like how the blog makes her want to be a better friend. At some point she also said that her life isn't nearly as glamorous as mine. I wasn't sure how to answer that so I just shook my head and smiled.

It was only after I started walking out to the parking lot that I realized I should have shown her my receipt. This "glamorous" mom forgot to buy more pull-ups. :-)

Through that experience I realized just how fun it was to meet Nicole, another mom working hard to get the most out of this one life that we have each been given. And in that moment that Nicole encouraged me, I knew that giving back and encouraging others through this blog is exactly what I want to keep doing. 

The last two years have been great.

I have really loved all of the connections, whether in person, email, comments, Facebook...the various opportunities to get to know people and hear their heart as well as the opportunities to share hope and encouragement through our story and the smaller stories and steps along the way. 

I look forward to what this next year has in store! On Wednesday I'm going to share a small behind the scenes look at being a blogger and on Friday I'm hoping to have a fun surprise to encourage you with. Thanks for reading along!


  1. I know you've mentioned Minneapolis before, so when I was there for a conference back in September I looked everywhere hoping I'd bump into you on the street. Not exactly sure what I would have said, other than hello. I don't read many blogs anymore (they tend to make me feel inadequate and depressed) but I always feel uplifted and encouraged when I read yours.

    1. Aww, Beth...wish we would have bumped into each other! A hello would have been great and then maybe we could have talked about how I limit my HGTV watching because it makes me crazy when home buyers go into a kitchen and complain that there aren't "granite" counter tops! I'm certain we would find lots of things to talk about given the opportunity. :-)


  2. Sarah, that had to have been so fun to share words with someone that you share your heart with intentionally and hears it. How beautiful!

  3. Hello Sarah, I love your blog and read it every week. I really enjoyed reading about your adoption story and also about your decorating ideas. Your simple and joyful way of looking at life inspires other mothers. Congrats! Christine

  4. Sarah, what a lovely an uplifting post! Awesome, that you had some face time with one of your readers. By the way, it I ever bump into someone who reads my blog (doubtful since I only have one partial picture up), I am sure it will happen on the day I am looking haggard. lol

    Congratulations of two years of blogging! Yay! :D


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