Monday, November 10, 2014

How to Make A Wedding Enjoyable for All Ages

It was late afternoon on a beautiful October day. The weather was gorgeous and the surroundings were breathtaking. All of the guests arrived at a plantation just outside of Richmond, Virginia. There was excitement as friends and family came from far and near places and there were two special people at the center of it all. 

This was the day that my little (big!) brother, David, was about to marry the girl that he has cherished (and had a crush on) for over 10 years. They have quite the love story of pursuit, waiting, earnestly praying, being miles apart and caring for those in need in countries a far. All in God's timing they were each growing and maturing. My brother had even prayed, "God, if I could date Hannah then I know I could believe you for ANYTHING." Years later...this happened.

Not only were they dating but...

She said, yes!

His caption on facebook said, "A decade in the making..." It was no surprise that over 500 people "liked" this picture! These two were made for each other and are two of the kindest, most loving people that I've ever met. 

I have to say, I kept walking around the wedding soaking up all of the little details. You could tell that Hannah had put so much thought into this day and there were so many elements that I absolutely loved. The tables were delicate, colorful and filled with elegance.

Hannah has six siblings and lots of nieces and nephews. Growing up they always had a "kids table" at her parents house. I absolutely loved how they created a kids table in the center of the tent! The little kids who were in high chairs stayed with their parents but the older ones all gathered at these tables and had a grand ol' time.

There were kid friendly centerpieces...

and my absolute favorite part were these custom coloring sheets. How cute is that?!?

The landscaping was straight out of a movie with an open field, willow trees swaying in the breeze and water glistening in the distance.

My parents made some of my grandma's famous caramel popcorn. It was placed in cute paper cones and served while friends mingled on the lawn. There were lots of other delicious hors d'oeuvres served as well. 

The seating chart was so creative with paint placed on window panes that guests names were then written on. The window was propped up on an old ladder. The back of the ladder was decorated with decor that blended with the theme beautifully.

My brother, Jonathan made these custom bean bag boards for the big day.

The kids had a blast running in the field and playing the games. Shoes were taken off and by the end of the night I was using the light from my cell phone to walk the field and find the missing shoes of a certain three year old. I almost left them figuring that little man would be outgrowing them soon and I feared my efforts might be in vain with how big the field was, but then I found them...right by the bean bag toss. 

It was a wedding of elegance and beauty and was filled with thoughtful details and decor that captured the essence of this couple. A stunning bride and groom.  

This wedding will certainly be remembered by all of the guests that attended. 

Have you been to memorable weddings? What is something unique that was done that stood out to you?

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  1. What a great post and a GORGEOUS wedding!!! Congrats to David and Hannah!!!


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