Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monthly Budget Breakdown ~ October 2014

In an effort to challenge my contentment meter and stay within a budget,
I have $50 per month to spend on Decor & DIY projects for around the house. 
On the first Tuesday of every month I'll show you how I spent it 

Here is the monthly break down for October...

Starting Balance = $69.47 (you can check out here to see what was spent in September.)
Income: October $50 + Starting Balance = $119.47 left to spend

I've been plotting and scheming and brainstorming some decor for one specific room in the house. It is a room that I haven't done much to since we first moved into our house over two years ago. I even realized that I've never photographed it for our home tour

In fact, October cruised by and no new projects were done because of my scheming. I'm planning on doing a make-over on the girl's bedroom. But don't say anything...it's a surprise. I'm saving up my pennies so that I can paint the room and add some other fun touches all while they are at school one day.

So I guess you could say...to be continued. :-)

Final Breakdown...
Beginning Balance $119.47 - $0.00 (October purchases) = $119.47

Do you have any rooms in your house that you have been itching to make-over?

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