Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Last year for Christmas I received a map of the world to put on our mantel. It is one of my favorite things. However when we pulled out the Christmas decorations this past Saturday the map wasn't exactly flowing with the rest of our holiday decorations. I needed a temporary replacement for the month. I thought about building something with planks of wood...and painting a festive message. 

Then I laughed...I have my limits these days.

Then a few days ago on Facebook, I spotted Traci from Beneath My Heart sharing her Christmas Home Tour from last year (aren't the red dishes she added to her kitchen darling!) 

christmas kitchen beneath my heart

Included in her tour was a beautiful print that she had gotten from dear lillie

I found the same one on their site and purchased the downloadable print for $9.95

First I emailed it to Office Max to have it printed as an inexpensive engineering print. However, they said that it would cost $27 because there was more than 20% black on the print. Then I contacted dear lillie for ideas and they sent me to this helpful post with a step by step on how to print it. I followed the instructions and the next day picked up the print at Staples for $4.17 (excellent!)

Have yourself a merry little christmas

The print did have a small line through it and some other blemishes because of being printed as an engineering print along with being a chalkboard drawing. However the cheaper price was worth it to me and once I got the print home and in the frame you couldn't even notice unless you were looking closely. 

After putting the 24x36 print into my 24x36 frame you could still see the white trim around the print. I easily fixed that by taking a black sharpie and filling the white trim in. 

christmas decor

If you are looking for an easy and beautiful Christmas decoration...this might be just what you were looking for. :-) 

Do you have a favorite Christmas saying or print in your home?

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  1. That's adorable! Too bad I don't have a good place in my home to put it... lol

  2. I totally thought that was a chalk board at first, genius! We put an oversized engineering print of Santa and Rudolph in my son's room. I'm definitely going to be bugging the guys at Staples on the regular now!

    1. Rachel,

      I saw your son's cute! Gotta love Staples and their inexpensive prints. :-)


  3. Super cute. I love Dear Lillie's style and prints! It looks so gorgeous on your mantle. :)


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