Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Christmas Decorating Tradition

This week I'm joining some other bloggers as we each share one of our favorite Christmas traditions. If you are coming over from Rain on a Tin Roof, welcome! Each day throughout the week more bloggers will share some of their Christmas traditions. You can find a full list with links at the bottom of this post so be sure to check back in each day and feel free to join in and leave one of your favorite Christmas traditions in the comment section.

Christmas Traditions Blog Tour

I am a traditions girl through and through. I love looking back at those special things that we did together each year as a family when I was younger. I still remember that first Christmas that Sam and I spent decorating our own home. It was fun and full of wonder. Then I had flashbacks of my siblings and I as teens where none of us wanted to help mom pull the boxes down from the attic and "decorate" the house for Christmas. 

How can we make Christmas decorating a special time...even once we have kids, I wondered? 

I mean really, I don't want to do all of the should be fun and a special time to be together. Thus began my idea of a new Christmas tradition. (It figures that my tradition would center around decorating.) :-)

We usually pull out the Christmas tubs and bring out the tree on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. We pull out ornaments, set up the train, and hang the stockings. 

The stockings just about make me cry each year. For years there were only they remind me how special and loved each person in our family is

We drink hot chocolate while listening to Christmas music all while decorating. Then, since no one likes to cook...I mean, since we've all worked REALLY hard decorating...we order pizza. From somewhere other than Little Caesars (it is a SPLURGE I tell ya!)

Once dinner and decorations are done we snuggle up on the couch downstairs and watch a Christmas movie together. I'll take Elf, White Christmas or....oh, SO many good ones to choose from. 

The funny thing is that I can totally see my kids growing up as teens and still complaining about decorating. And that is when I will remind them that they don't get pizza unless they help with a happy heart...or something like that. ;-)

What are one of your favorite Christmas traditions?


  1. White Christmas and Elf are two of my favorite Christmas movies too! Such a fun tradition!

  2. I love it! Elf will forever be my favorite Christmas movie! Making Christmas traditions special for the entire family is such a fun thing. :) Thank you for sharing!


  3. aaaw, such a sweet family! and i can't wait to see the advent calendar idea you shared on instagram!

  4. Sounds like a fun day with the family. Love the train under the tree.:-) Great post. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Sounds like the perfect day and your home is absolutely beautiful. Oh and bribery with pizza is always a good move :)

    1. Katie,

      Ha, the day my kids no longer care about pizza I will be in trouble! :-)


  6. Such a fun tradition! I love that you all decorate together! So far it is usually just me doing it all because hubby tends to work a lot this time of year and my son is only two but I save the special Christmas ornaments to put on when we can all be together. I would love to do our decorating as a big party like you all one day!


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