Friday, February 6, 2015

A Warm & Inviting Bed

The new year is off and running...hello February! Last month I printed off a new clean sheets list for 2015!

Speaking of sheets. 

There is nothing better than a warm and inviting bed. You've worked hard all day and now you can't wait for that moment when you get to crawl into your warm and cozy bed. Ahhh, your head is going to hit that soft pillow and fall into a blissful sleep. 

It is going to be so very cozy. 

You pull down the sheets, crawl in one leg at a time and suddenly your expectations come crashing down. It feels like you just crawled into a freezer! 

At least that has been my experience for the past few years. 

I told Sam I couldn't handle it anymore. I started dreaming of getting an electric warmer for our bed. I literally was at the point where crawling into bed was the last thing that I wanted to do. 

The sheets were just so cold. 

Then I was telling my friend Becca about it and she mentioned that I should try flannel sheets. That is when the lightbulb went off. Three years ago our friends had passed along their king size bed to us. Which meant we went from having a queen size bed to a king size bed and I no longer had a pair of flannel sheets that fit the bed. In all of the craziness from the past few years it had never dawned on me why, after years of warm sheets in the winter time, they were now so cold and miserable. 

I was concerned that the electric warmer wouldn't be convenient. I didn't want to have to remember to turn something on each night before crawling into bed. So I decided to give the flannel sheet option a whirl. And while I'm usually a solids-or-simple-patterns kind of girl...I decided to add a little flair to our now, once again, warm and inviting bed. 

I'm happy to report that the flannel sheets are an 80% improvement from our previous sheets that felt like they had just come out of the freezer. Do you find yourself dreading going to bed at night because of the cold? Have you considered flannel sheets as an option? Do you have an electric warmer and totally love it? 

While I was addressing the cold sheets issue in our bedroom I also decided to address the way too long, always collecting dust bunnies from the floor, curtain issue. The curtains originally came from IKEA and came with that fabulous hem tape that you just grab a measuring tape, scissors and hot iron to use. 

However, it was just one of those things that I never got around to doing. In no time I had the extra material cut off and the hem done.

Even a no sewing skilled lady like me had these fixed up in no time. Goodbye dust bunnies, hello sunshine.

Do you use flannel sheets in the winter time or an electric warmer?  Taking a poll could be fun! :-)


  1. Both. I turn on the electric blanket about a half hour before bedtime (I usually remember because that's about the time we're tucking the kids in for the night) and then turn it off when I crawl between the lovely flannel sheets. I think I look forward to those flannel sheets as much as my first cup of hot tea in the morning.

  2. I used to use an electric blanket, but after having my son, flannel sheets are all I need! One tip - I hated how much electric blankets and electric mattress pads cost. Plus, my husband is warm enough and didn't need it. So I just bought a twin size electric blanket and tuck it under the fitted sheet on my side. Cheaper and just what we need!

  3. Dave installed a gas fireplace in our bedroom and I've been known to turn it on when we have a particularly chilly winter night. It even has a remote. :)

  4. When I slept by myself I loved my electric blanket, but I've been living with my boyfriend for 6 years now & he is a mini heater so I can usually snuggle him for 5 minutes & I'm good to go. If it's really cold I'll put on some socks & sweatpants to warm up even more, but I eventually end up taking the sweatpants off before I doze off.

  5. Flannel and jersey sheets for us. When it is really cold, we turn the baseboard heater on (somehow, the bedroom one is set differently than the rest of the ones about the house). For the most part though, it's just sheet and afghan - well, that and plus two dogs that create an INSANE amount of heat for their size!

  6. Flannel sheets sound heavenly. Unfortunately my husband would hate them. He is always hot. It works out alright though since he is usually hot enough that he thinks my frozen toes feel nice against his burning feet. Ha ha.

  7. My parents bought me an electric blanket when my son was a baby - he woke up hourly for almost the first year of his life and crawling back into a cold bed for an hour's sleep was going to finish me off! Still using it now and that warm bed is the BEST thing ever!

  8. We use fleece sheets, which are warmer than flannel, and so soft and cozy. It works for us since our bedroom is in the mid 50's in the winter, but if the room was warmer I think the fleece would be a bit too much.


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