Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Being Who God Created You To Be

All through elementary school, middle school and high school I was pretty shy. I did my best to fit in, go unseen, and all the while quietly figure out who I was created to be. It was a challenge. Which is why when I hit thirty and the pieces started slowly coming together it seemed like a journey that was only just beginning...only it hadn't just begun. 

Everything that happened in my past...all of those life experiences, they were forming what I would now do in my future.

I no longer felt as though I could just "fit in." There was only one me and I needed to be who God created me to be. Have you ever thought of that? That there is only one you and this world needs you to be exactly who God created you to be.

small things with great love

I realized that I didn't need to do one great thing for God, that instead my life was simply the sum total of doing small things with great love. 

Finally, if I could articulate what I felt called to do...it would be to encourage others.

If I could narrow it down to things I felt passionate about...it would be family, adoption, organizing and decorating. 

If I could summarize all of my insecurities...they would be too numerous to count!

If I could step out of my comfort zone and find a way to encourage other women along the journey...I would start a blog and begin to share our story in person to encourage others.

If I could share one thing with the world, it would be to share this story with those who need to be reminded that there is hope. 

And if I ever felt one mission or goal through it all...it was always to point people to a God that loves them more than anyone else in this world. A God who is able to do the impossible

So I simply started

I found an available URL. 

I cropped a random picture of myself shiny eyes and all...

and I simply started to write.

Somewhere down the road I mentioned to my friend Sarah Hardie, "do you think that the next time we are in the same geographical area you could take a new picture for me? I'm just looking for anything that doesn't have shiny eyes." It was evident to me that God had created my friend Sarah as an artist. She takes pictures and tells stories through a lens using her skill all while capturing light and working with beautiful backgrounds. 

Our paths crossed one day and she told me to look down... 

and then to look up. 

We did that multiple times. 

"Look down, now look up." 

It had something to do with your eyes being more open when you do that and your smile being completely you.

I looked at the woman I was and suddenly I didn't feel like that shy girl from school.

being who God created you to be

I was simply me.

Who has God created you to be? What has he called YOU to do? What has he brought you through or given you a passion for? The journey is only just beginning...

A big thanks to Sarah Hardie Photography!


  1. Beautiful photos matching beautiful thoughts. Very inspiring Mother Theresa quote.

  2. I love that you shared this. really speaks to me...


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