Thursday, February 19, 2015

Creating An Art Table For Kids

creating an art table for kids

A few years ago I showed you how we made our DIY desk. We made it out of two file cabinets and two table leaves (from our kitchen table that were collecting dust in the closet.) Seriously, do you have unused table leaves that you've wondered what to do with?!? For years this desk was tucked into the corner of our dining room. (We were also recently given a wooden table to take the place of our "high end" plastic one, so that has also changed from the picture below.)

This desk is where I did all of my blogging/family bookkeeping/hulu watching/facebook chatting from. Well, most of the time I take my laptop to the couch to do my hulu watching. It's more comfortable and the kids love gathering around and watching "fish tank" with mommy...or so they've renamed one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank. :-) 

Now since launching my essential oil business a few months ago, things have really taken off! I needed a more substantial space to organize materials for classes and a desk where I could leave papers out until I returned that wasn't in the center of our home. That being the case, my desk and new office space has now moved upstairs to our spare room that my husband has been utilizing for his home office.

With the desk now being unused in the dining room we decided to move it under the window and create a space for the kids to do homework at or draw on. I've learned that my kids are way more into taking plain pieces of paper and adding their flair than coloring in coloring books...but we keep both on hand for variety. It is also nice that this desk is so close to the dining room table because they can spread out and work there too.

We keep the art supplies right on top of the desk. They use to be on the ledge going down to our basement but we found that having them out on the desk put them closer to where the action was and made them easier to put away. 

Putting colored pencils and markers under a window is as refreshing as putting a potted plant there. And the bonus is that you don't have to water the markers. :-)

What kind of art supplies do your kids love getting creative with?

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