Thursday, February 26, 2015

She Doesn't Know What Is For Dinner Either!

As we continue to live in this world surrounded by technology I can count many friends who have found their significant other online. Technology opens up a whole new world to dating. However, it’s not just couples who are meeting online but new friendships can be made. Never before have you been able to connect so easily with others who have similar interests and passions as you do.

Years ago (circa 2013) when this blog was just beginning, Kristen left her first comment. A few months later, after more posts and more comments, she emailed me telling me about our many similarities. We were each mothers of five kids (three by adoption and two by birth), we both lived in Minnesota, we both enjoyed decorating, and both love God with all of our heart. 

The similarities didn't end there but those were certainly a few of them.

Fast-forward to last week when we finally got to meet in person at a Caribou coffee shop on a cold Minnesota winter night. Of course, certain thoughts went through my mind (as I'm sure went through hers)...

“I’m glad we are meeting in a public place.”

“I hope she isn’t crazy.”

“What if she thinks I am crazy?!?”

Spoiler Alert: She was as NICE as can be!

We talked about life with five kids. In fact, Kristen and her husband are in the process of adopting again. A child from Haiti. Which led to conversations about if our family was planning on having any more kids. To not leave you hanging…The answer is No and Yes. (It’s a hard answer to give once your heart has been opened to adoption.) 

Their imminent family expansion had us jumping right into conversations about twelve passenger vans and how many people max out each of our minivans (fyi, some Sienna’s seat 8 and Odyssey’s max out at 7). Both of us were chuckling as we remembered what life was like at the beginning of each of our transitions; learning to buckle all five kids into car seats in a limited space (it’s like an Olympic Sport, I tell ya! They should have timed competitions and give out medals for it.)

We also talked about how all of our kids have a two hour “quiet time” and how that is what helps keep us sane and helps the kids have a time to reset. Even moms need a break, or at least a little break, from the noise and refereeing in the midst of all of the other responsibilities. 

We both mentioned how hard our transitions have been and how, even during the challenges, it has been so fulfilling knowing that we were doing what God had led us and equipped us to do.

However, there was one thing that really stood out to me from our conversation…like REALLY stood out to me. It was when Kristen said that she doesn't usually know what is for dinner.

Most days her kids wake up in the morning and are already asking, “what’s for dinner?” I just chuckled and said, YES! :-) Some days if they know they are going to be gone later in the afternoon she’ll throw something in the crock pot that morning but otherwise, for the most part, she doesn't know what’s for dinner...either

I wasn't alone on this!

While I created a menu board months ago to help with this problem I readily admitted that most weeks it sits blank. I try to plan ahead but the majority of the time my planning ahead is simply in hopes that I get to the grocery store that week and can grab the essentials.

Even that plan fails sometimes…we have been out of bananas for days (our kids really like bananas).

So I guess I’d like to leave you with that.

Perhaps today you simply need to hear that two moms in Minnesota have NO CLUE what’s for dinner tonight. Be encouraged friends. This life can be hard sometimes, but it is good! It is incredibly worth it!

So if today you still have no idea what the plan is for dinner, don't worry...that makes three of us! ;-)


  1. I think I met their family at the Heartwood Family Camp! Small world if memory serves correctly. :)

  2. Ok, that makes me feel better...and I only have two kids ;) That is awesome you guys got to meet up!!

  3. I have 5 kids too and I couldn't survive without mandatory quiet time. I feel so much better reading that you both do it too!


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